Friday, December 18, 2009

Cooper's Hawk and Peregrine Falcons-Downtown Worcester Today

I was on the phone this morning with someone who had to put me on hold so I do what I usually do while being idle which is look out the window. Suddenly I see the Rock Pigeons fly amok which usually means all is not well in Pigeonville so of course I whip out my binoculars to see what the disturbance is. I get a quick glimpse of a bird that appears to be a brown hawk of some sort before it flies away out of view and the person who had me on hold comes back for more conversation.

I had a feeling it was the Cooper's Hawk I have seen in Downtown Worcester on occasion but was frustrated over the brief look I got of it. At exactly 1:10 PM today the pigeons are going crazy again and look who flies right into view. Why the Cooper's Hawk of course!
The sun was not at all in my favor which was a total bummer as the bird wasn't that much higher than myself so if sun were more favorable I would have gotten much better shots at an angle I have never been able to get of a raptor.
Like this one above coming right at me! My heart completely froze at this point after what happened to the Cooper's Hawk this past spring when it flew into the window. The hawk never does that but I do decide to bundle up to go outside just to double check as it disappeared from my view and couldn't find it again. Happy to report no signs of a hawk strike so I went back into the office a little cold but relieved.
Was wondering where the Peregrine Falcons were during all of this as the Cooper's Hawk would most likely set off some kind of attack from the falcons but they were nowhere to be found. I later found out why at 3PM or so as they were soaking in the rays at the BankNorth Building on the logo.

Downtown birding at its best. Take care everyone!


Hilke Breder said...

Enjoyed the post. It sounds like you have a prime window seat for checking on the local raptors.

Chris Petrak said...

Finally! - something good comes from being on hold! Aah, seredipity!

Anonymous said...

The sign really seems different with the two birds on it. Nice shots. All of them are nice.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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