Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekly Birding

Cathing up here on blogging after a week of a crazy schedule. I am telling you there is not enough time in the day lately between work, play, sleep etc so my blogging will be getting less frequent until September probably when fall migration starts. I will still blog at least twice a week but not daily like I was doing in the past.

The two pictures above are of an adult Ring-billed Gull taken this morning at Rowes Wharf in Boston. I loved how they came out and it was purely by accident. I took it's picture and then realized I had my flash on which I never use when the sun is out. I previewed the pictures and think they came out better with the flash than without. I am guessing its because the gull is so white that the flash compensates for over exposure which usually happens when I photograph gulls in sunny conditions. I also saw these Mallards at the harbor and decided to see what they would look like using flash and was equally impressed. Another advantage I had is they were directly below me so all I had to do was get my camera over the bridge area and click away which allowed me to avoid that awful sun glare that you get at Rowes Wharf in the morning due to the sun facing Boston instead of the ocean.
I have been visiting the male Peregrine Falcon daily during lunch. He perches in the same spot, the same time of day so it makes for a good excuse to get away from my desk and stretch my legs. He always gives me a quick glance or two here and there as I am about 18 feet below him, but then he goes about his business of chilling and sky watching. Check out his talons!! I am hoping I can get some better pictures of his talons soon as one of them is missing due to injuries and I want a record shot.

A huge wasps nest? I found while running the power lines this week. I stopped quickly and I repeat QUICKLY for a photo and decided to move along in a hurry instead of trying to figure out what they were exactly as they were very loud and not a friendly kind of loud either!

Alan and I did a little birding on Sunday morning and came across a dead Barred Owl while headed to Quabbin. It probably got hit by a car or something. A little graphic so I am giving you a warning.....

Check out the talons on this magnificent bird!!!! I stared at this photo for 5 minutes and just marvelled! Such efficient and deadly tools!

Take care all!


Ratty said...

I never get enough of seeing ducks. I get to see them often, but I take pictures every time. And the talons on the falcon are indeed impressive.

Jayne said...

I think that "wasp" nest is actually a hornet's nest Kim. I had a bluebird house taken over by them one year, and they are mightily aggressive.

Steve B said...

Damn, I hate seeing birds in this state.

Tom Pirro said...

The winter before last was a tough one for Barred Owl, many were found along side of busy roads...struck by cars. I ended up with 2 in the freezer, found a day apart along Rte 2, then passed them along to Mass Wildlife....who in turn sent them to Tufts for post mortum work.

dAwN said...

Howdee Kim,
I know what u mean about being busy and not having enough time for blogging..
I have had a difficult time lately keeping up with my blog reading..
oh well..
Nice pics kim..really like the mallards captured the colors beautifully.
Cheers! gonna check out your other posts.

Kathiesbirds said...

Wonderful shots of the birds. So sorry about the owl. I saw a dead nighthawk in the intersection this week and it made me so sad to see a wing-ed thing brought permanently down to earth like that.

Kim said...

Ratty, I love seeing the ducks too! It makes me look forward to the fall when migration starts up again so I can other besides the typical Mallards, Wood Ducks, etc.

Thanks Jayne, yes I know all about hornets, glad I didn't stick around long enough to investigate because they are not nearly as kind as honey bees or yellow jackets!

Steve, I know. It was very depressing. This is the first time I have ever seen bird as road kill before and it was a shock and left me feeling very bummed out.

Tom, good for you picking them up and brinding them to Mass Wildlife. I wonder what made the winter before last more deadly for them. Perhpaps more rodents along side of the road instead of the woods. Hope this winter won't be like that.

Hey there Dawn. Nothing wrong w/ taking blog breaks. The summer is time for relaxing and fun. Just post and read when you can. ;o)

So sad Kathie about the Nighthawk. Seeing a dead bird on the side of the road really does make you stop and think as it is rather uncommon. So true about the feeling you get seeing them in that condition.

lindsey77 said...

wow that dead owl picture was a little too much.


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