Sunday, August 9, 2009

More from Plymouth Beach

More pictures from Plymouth Beach on Saturday. The first picture is my favorite of ALL of the pictures I took that day. It is of a Bank Swallow (lifer). Love how the camera was able to pick up the ring necklace on its neck as well as all of the detail on the plumage of its wings. It was flying around all by itself around its bank dwelling.
An Osprey on its nest. I am always amazed when I see the size of an Osprey's nest and this time was no exception. It is right out in plain view of the beach and seemed to take a keen interest in preening itself and people watching.

Checking out the beach goers and the ocean.

Blurry digiscope picture, but I love how it picked up the color of its eye.

A lone Sanderling on a rock. Most Sanderlings seemed to be in large flocks so it was nice to see this one by itself.
More flock pictures as I took so many. I took this just as the Short-billed Dowichers arrived. So interesting to see the Sanderlings interacting with them and watch the species mingle amongst one another. I can just picture their conversation. Something like "Hey Frank, hows it going? I haven't seen you since Gloucester this past spring, hows life treating you and the family?. Sanderling responds back, not so bad Bob, considering the lousy weather we had this summer, spent some time up in Maine with the misses and decided to hang out here for a few days to get ready for the long haul that will be here sooner than we want it to. HA!

Another shot of the same scenario.

Another mixed flock shot with some Ruddy Turnstones mixed in amongst the others.

A large gathering of Double-crested Cormorants. I believe a pair actually nested here this summer?? One interesting thing about this picture is the fact that I didn't even notice the bird? in the water until I cropped it some. It is right in front of the light house. I at least think it's a bird, don't know what kind though. NOTE: Just looked at the picture again and I believe the bird in the water is an adult Herring Gull! ;o)

More DC photos but on a different structure.

Another life bird for me which was this Brant the we saw hanging out with this adult Herring Gull. Don't know why it was there by itself with the gull, but it was able to fly off with no problem so I am guessing it's okay. Just odd to see it by itself and not in a flock w/ other Brant's

A Northern Harrier on top of a pine tree. Love how this hawk flies lower than the other hawks I am used to seeing. Wish it would have stuck around longer for a few more decent photos, but it was still nice to see.

And lastly, Three Great Egrets with a Great-blue Heron mixed in. They were all looking in the area the Harrier was at. Classic photo and reminds me of those album covers you would see in the 1970's where band members had that long haired hippie look and would be out in the middle of a field looking all philosophical as they gazed toward the horizon. :oP

I am still not done yet folks! I know you are all eagerly awaiting the 200 gull photos I took but it takes time for me to sift through them all to pick out my faves!!! I took so many of them that I have to once again give it it's own post. HA! Will post them tomorrow or Tuesday if I have time. I am on vacation next week so I am guessing this week at work is going to be crazy trying to cram two weeks worth of work into one. Take care!


Hilke Breder said...

Nice shots!! and the photo of the bank swallow is a classic, loved all the others too. Looks like you had a great day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kim, Looks like you had a great time at Plymouth Beach... I have been gone for a week, and missed seeing your daily bird photos. Glad to be back!!!

The Early Birder said...

Hi Kim. Now that's my kind of birding...lots & lots of waders. Thanks for sharing this experience. Cheers FAB

Larry said...

Funny what you said about the album cover.-I was thinking the same thing before I read what you wrote. That is a whole lotta shorebirds-I don't normally see them in those kinds of numbers in CT.I like your thoughts about the interaction betwwen species too.

Diane said...

Oh Kim! You got the Bank Swallow in flight! ! ! That is no easy trick...they fly so quickly out of the lens area! Great shot!

dAwN said...

OMygoodness Kim! The shorebirds are coming the shorebirds are coming!
Wow..So cool to see all these posts of shorebirds..
So why are we headed west? bummer!
well we cant be all places at once.
I will come here and visit them on your blog!
Happy birding Kim!


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