Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mount Greylock-Birding and Wildflowers

My birding friend Alan and I decided to head out to Mount Greylock in Adams, MA. It was rainy out but the temps were much cooler than what we have been experiencing so it made for a pleasant walk through the wooded paths.

Many parts of the paths have these really interesting rocks that seemed to capture the running rainfall perfectly which made for a really cool photo shown below.

An example of some parts of the path.

Many of the woodland birds were heard and not seen but did manage to see a couple of warblers including the immature Yellow-rumped Warbler below which was a welcome site as I have not seen these warblers since spring.

A female Black-throated Blue Warbler below. Also seen were Golden-crowned Kinglets and a Black-throated Green Warbler.

Mourning Doves perched looking over a small pond.

Picturesque pond.

This mountain was a lot different than Monadnock in that the trails were wonderful to explore as there was life everywhere which reminded me a lot of Mount Watatic so I took a ton of pictures of fungi and flowers.

Coral Mushrooms

Unknown shroom

Another unidentified shroom!

Now onto the wildflowers found and there were many. It seems as if a new one would pop out around every corner. Alan has been able to identify many of these for me and I am sure my other birding friend Beth can chime in as she always does as she knows her flowers more than anyone else I know! Speaking of Beth, she sent me an email letting me know that the flower I saw at Monadnock yesterday was Cotton Grass (thanks Beth!). Anyway, here they are in their glory.

The fruit of a Blue-bead Lily

Not a flower, but a cool shot!

Daisy Fleabane

Flowering Raspberry (which Beth pointed out to me is different than the fruit bearing raspberry). So pretty!

Unknown flower.

Pale Touch-me-not

Fruit of a large-flowered Trillium

Unknown flower

A rain soaked Buttercup

Yarrow? I believe



Orange Hawkweed.

a Fading Dandelion
Unknown flower



Take care all.


Andrew said...

Great photos! This brings back some wonderful memories about the time I did the "Mount Greylock Ramble".

Hilke Breder said...

I love those flowers!


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