Sunday, August 23, 2009

South Beach-Chatham MA-Two

More pictures from South Beach and Chatham, MA (when the seas were a little calmer there). Eddie's wife Chris and I have been exchanging emails and pictures and she told me I could post some of her pics here so I incorporated hers with some of my own. I will be short on words here as I am actually tired today! ;o)

Tern flock

Injured Dunlin taking it easy. It appeared as if some of its foot was missing. It didn't appear to hinder it any and was eating and even preening with the injured foot, but it was obvious something was wrong with it. Poor thing. :o(

Mixed flocks

Pool Party!

A royal flush!

Flying overhead

Synchronized Flying! Love how the tern on the right is looking up at the other one.

Great-black Backed Gull gliding by

A Northern Harrier or Marsh Hawk is somewhere in this picture if you look closely enough. Love the way they fly compared to other hawks.

And or course, the people. Photo courtesy of Chris Banks.

Photo courtesy of Chris Banks

Photo courtesy of Chris Banks

Photo courtesy of Chris Banks

One of my own.

Will be posting a couple of blog entries this week. Did some running and birding today and have lots of pics that I will get to later this week.

Take care all


Chris said...

Hi Kim,
What a nice post and I love the synchronized flight pictures of the tern. I've tried to get some but not as nice as yours I'm afraid! Gorgeous!

Steve B said...

Looks like a fun outing! Love the shore birds.


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