Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peregrine Falcon-Nest Update and Video!

The picture above is of the female Peregrine Falcon who decided to leave her nest box for a while to stretch her wings and preen after spending countless hours stuck inside and around her confined living space.

I was up there with a co-worker when suddenly she appeared and immediately set out to do some serious pampering.

The Peregrine has sharp vision and would look toward the window from time to time because she saw our shadows. While she is used to people because she lives in a big city, she is very cautious. Speaking of people-

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!: I was talking to one of the security guards of the building who said that he and the head of maintenance actually went outside on the roof last week and the male was perched on the ledge. The male took one look at them and flew off but only did a cautious semi half-circle and started with his alarm call. The female came out of her box at a super quick speed and was headed toward the two of them doing her alarm call as well. Both men went back into the building so they wouldn't get dive bombed by the female. Normally the falcons just take off when someone goes on top of the roof but not this time. I am taking this as more potential proof that they do indeed have eyases in that box of theirs. We also saw another pigeon being delivered to the nest box today by the male!

One of the cutest pictures I think of her preening and grooming that gorgeous plumage of hers.

Another stretch of the wings. Ahhhh, that feels good I am sure. ;o)

Now for the most difficult of spots.

Great plumage shot.

Another cautious look.

And a call to the nest box!!!

Followed by a glance below

And another call to the male making sure he is keeping an eye on the kids!!
I was also able to take a 50 second video of her preening and grooming. NOTE: the video is shaky. I had just had a Dunkin Donuts Turbo before going upstairs (which is coffee with a shot of espresso as I like my coffee strong), so I was pretty lit at the time. ;o). Note in the video you will hear me saying that this is the male but upon further inspection I realized that I was correct the first time and this is indeed the female.


Steve B said...

What fun! Thanks for taking us up!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Kim, I love the video... It's neat to hear your voice... The Falcons are just so neat. You KNOW there are some babies in that box; otherwise, Mama and Daddy wouldn't have gotten so upset.

Hope you get to see the babies once they are born. How neat is that!!!

Vickie said...

Kallen, these images are wonderful! She is so beautiful. Their increased protectiveness is similar to the change in behavior of the red-shouldered hawks I'm viewing. Seriously protective.

I know you are thrilled that the nest is successful. Look forward to more updates.

dAwN said...

Thats great news...I hope all goes well and you see some young soon!
Kim..I have been trying to reach you on facebook but noticed you havent been on there for a while.
Chris from picus blog and I are planning a Blogger get together for June 13th check out his blog for details..would love you to join us!

Mildred said...

Kim, This is fascinating tonight. Nalley and I enjoyed the photos and the video so much. What a unique experience for us; thanks for sharing and it is great to put a voice with your face - it's usually the other way around, isn't it??? Have a great weekend.

Cam said...

Very nice! And while I know it may be appetizing to them, I'm a little surprised that they don't get sick from eating pigeons :D

Kelly said...

...I think you've got it nailed. They do seem to be protecting the nest. Your video is fabulous and the photos are too. I'm so happy I get to see all this. You're a very good falcon reporter!! :-D

Jayne said...

It's just so exciting that you have such a wonderful "birds eye view" of these nesting parents Kim! I love hearing your voice too. :c) Keep us posted.

Kallen305 said...

Thanks all. Dawn, I will go over the Christophers blog after I settle in today. A blog bird trip sounds like so much fun and I would love to meet all of you.

Chris said...

wow, extremely nice!!! You still go some nice shots and it is nice to be updated on what is happening. Keep on going!

Deborah Godin said...

MOre incredible clear shots - this has been a real treat to see through your lens, and have your great commentary. Can't wait til fledging!

Andy said...

Great stuff!

Chris Petrak said...

Great photos - Congrats! (tinged with just a touch of jealousy)

Ginnymo said...

Thia is great Kim!! great photos and a great video!! It won't be long!!The babies will be out of that box soon. Can't wait for your next report!! Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

Kim, what excellent photos of such a beautiful bird. The plumage is exquisite. I enjoyed the video, too - amazing to watch her go into such positions right out on the edge like that!

Elaine Dale said...

Awesome video clip Kim! It's great to be able to sneak a peek. Your photos are wonderful.

Larry said...

Nice photos and video.
You seem peppy enough already-Turbo coffee-look out!

A New England Life said...

Isn't she beautiful, Kim. Your so lucky to experience and document this pair of Falcons. Wonder if we'll see babies too?


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