Friday, May 15, 2009

Bolton Flats-Friday May 15th

I went to Bolton Flats today with a birding friend this evening and there were birds everywhere!! There were also a lot of other birders there to start off the 2009 Audubon Birdathon. Now, just when I think I have my warblers straight out comes a whole new species of birds that I know nothing about and that is Sandpipers. Sheesh, they all look very similar and trying to get it straight is hard for a novice such as myself so that's why it's nice to go birding with an experienced birder who can teach you some new things. The picture above is of a Least Sandpiper. It is a very small bird that didn't seem to be too upset by our presence so I was able to get some decent shots by digiscoping. The sun was in the perfect place too which is not the case for the other photos I took but I lucked out with this one.
Look at those eyes! You can see the concentration in its face.

A lousy pictures (but the best one I had) of a Pectoral Sandpiper. LIFER! This is a much larger bird than the Least and absolutely stunning. Look at the colors on its back. Such gorgeous plumage.

Now for some serious tricks on the eyes. Guess what kind of swallow this is?? Come on, I dare you. HA, I am not going to tell until the very end just to make it a little more challenging. ;o)

Another bird flight shot . I am telling you Bolton Flats was alive with birds this evening and is now one of my favorite birding spots! Such different birds than the ones I normally see as far as shore birds are concerned.

This one may give you a better clue.

There were a ton of Killdeer there including a mother with her chicks. The chicks were not totally white but looked like they were a little older as they were not that adorable fluffy white I am so anxious to get a picture of. I got a shot of one flying by and love the white on its wings. I had never really noticed it before until now.

I also saw my first Cedar Waxwings of the spring. I can't wait until the Mulberry Tree in my yard ripens because I get dozens of these gorgeous birds all eating on my tree at the same time. Quite the site to see.

Bolton Flats is very muddy in the spring. Here are some sandpiper bird tracks made in the mud. So cute!

Just to give you an idea of the mud conditions, check out this dog print. I bet the dog loved it though. I became a victim of the mud myself and wound up in a spot with it above my ankles. Must purchase those waders soon as I can't wait to get back to Bolton Flats sometime this summer.

Off to get some sleep now as we will be up bright an early for two Forbush Bird Club trips this weekend. Good luck to all of you participating in the marathon this weekend and may the birds be with you. ;o)
Oh, and the swallow is a Tree Swallow!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Another great birding day for Kim!!!! I'm so happy for you--getting to see and learn about so many birds.. I'll never be able to do that!!!! I love birds--but will probably stick to the ones in my back yard!!!! ha


Kelly said... you can teach me a few things about sandpipers. I'm really just now starting to learn the shorebirds. I'm so excited. It's another world. Good luck with all your birding this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great! Hope you have a fun day Saturday.

Ginnymo said...

Great photos Kim! Love those flight ones. Looks like you had another good evening for birding!! Have a nice weekend!

Steve B said...

I've never seen a pectoral sandpiper. Welcome to the world of peeps. I recommend that you find a good, dedicated shore bird reference. With today's digital photography, you can shoot first and ask questions later. I have spent a lot of time carefully identifying the peeps I've posted from last season, that may help you too. Click on my "shorebirds" link. I hope it helps! I hope to start getting this years shorebirds starting in the next couple of weeks.

Deborah Godin said...

You did very well! Shorebirds are the toughest for me, plus I don't encounter them very often, so I don't get much practice. Love the swallow shots!

The Early Birder said...

Great to see you finding Waders (my favourites)& as Steve says a good ID guide is helpful plus making notes about what you actually see at the time. Learn a few of the common ones and it will get easier, I promise.
Great post Kim. Lol FAB.

dAwN said...

I want to go there! looks like quite the nice birding place!


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