Monday, May 18, 2009

Millbury Birding-Monday May 18th

It was a local day of birding for us today. The weather was terrible (again!) and I could only be out there for 1/2 a day because an emergency project came up at work so off I went. It's just as well I suppose as we will be out at Rutland State Park tomorrow and I need to rest up because believe it or not, I'm tired! This doesn't happen to me too often so when it does I listen because it would be a crime to get sick during the month of May. ;o)

Anyhow, the picture above was taken around the trails at Brierly Pond in Millbury. We have been seeing a lot of American Redstarts over the past couple of days and the picture above is of a female.

We decided to check up on the nesting Common Ravens to see what was going on and we saw at least two of the young in the nest, minus the parents. If you look closely at the picture above you will see the two tiny little heads.

Next it was off to Butler Farms to check for Bobolinks. We spotted this House Wren in the way toward the field.

It was its usually noisy self but great to see and be able to capture with a picture.

Next it was off to the fields where the Bobolinks attempt to nest every summer. The area is at a very high elevation that allowed us to see Mount Wachusset from where we were at despite the cloudy skies.

Washed out digiscope of the Bobolink (LIFER!). This picture does not do the bird justice as the top of its head is more yellow than it appears. They have a unique flight pattern that was fun to watch.

We went to another spot in town and saw another Scarlett Tanager. Such a beautiful bird to look at and it's great because this color makes them easier to spot than the ever elusive warblers.

Speaking of warblers, check out this Chestnut-sided. HA!! I know, I know the picture is lousy but the pose unique. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. Perhaps is likes to forrage that way?? If I hadn't seen it move after that I would have mistaken it for dead or passed out drunk. Very weird.

A male American Redstart. I really like this bird but its call is confusing the heck out of me. It almost reminds of a Yellow Warblers call. Every time I hear it I mistaken it for something else.

Finally a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Off to relax and catch up on some reading now. I am sitting here in SWEAT PANTS and am sick of the cold!! I thought May was supposed to be warm! Will post about Rutland tomorrow. Take care all!


Mary said...

Hi Kim! Remember me? LOL!

Your Bobolink photo is so much clearer than any shot I got in the mountains. Wow! Did you notice the sound they make - like an electronic R2D2?

You are seeing great birds but do take it easy and rest when you need it!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry about the weather---and sorry you had to go back to work, but you did see some great birds, didn't you???

The Bobolink is beautiful... I also like the American Redestart.

Good Luck tomorrow!!!! By the way, I have on sweats today also...

Kallen305 said...

Hello there Mary, I could never forget you!! HA! You are one of the bloggers who got me into photography in the first place and you have helped to create a monster. ;o). I loved the song of the Bobolink. Such a gorgeous bird.

Betsy, it must be frigid in TN for you to have on sweats too! I have my lousy allergies to boot so am just run down that's all. I am going to try and get 7 hours of shut eye tonight vs my typical 5 or 6. I hate to say it but all of this birding is starting to catch up to me. :O

Ratty said...

I thought that one on its side was dead too for a second. Then I saw it's feet on that small branch. It's a strange one.

Alan said...

Great birding for 1/2 a day! I've only seen photos of Bobolinks. Congrats on seeing one!

Kelly said...

...for only being out 1/2 of the day in bad weather you saw a lot of birds. The Red-breasted Grosbeak is so pretty...nice Bobolink too. Were you able to listen to his song? It's one of my favorite songs... I hope you rest up. I'm feeling a bit tired too. It is sunny here, but the temp dropped and it was very chilly last night and this morning...

dAwN said...

Kim.. are one busy birder..too bad you have to work too.
I have some pictures like yours too..tee hee...When I went to the state park birding the warbler I took photo of was moving quickly..I took a photo..and it is somewhere in the middle..tee hee.
anyway...You do have some nice photos here!

Take care of yourself ..
and i look forward to more of your birdie adventures!
I love comfy sweatpants!

Ginnymo said...

Great pix Kim!! That bird sure looks funny on it's side like that. never have seen any birds do that..ha!

troutbirder said...

Well you had some nice sighting anyway. I've had a cold too and am going crazy not being out and about mduring the warbler migration.

Shellmo said...

Loved seeing that Boblink - great shot! And i see that my rose breasted grosbeak visited you too (ha!) - they are so cheery! I agree -May has been cold. Bring on June and warmer birding days!!

Jayne said...

A great day, even with the weather not cooperating! Love your Bobolink photo. :c)

Abe Lincoln said...

Nice photos again, Kallen. I love the redstart. Reminds me of the towhee.


Craig Glenn said...

Very nice shots and great read!

Craig Glenn

Mary said...

I've gotten behind and you have so many wonderful bird shots! Glad I went back to see them. I'd really like to do that digiscope thing when we go to the eagle and heron place. I want closer looks!

Deborah Godin said...

Hope you bounce right back! You're so right about May being "prime time" you don't want to miss! And ravens...I'm so envious, I love them.

Rich said...

Kim, I am blown away by the variety of birds you are seeing. Great shots.
70 degrees in Juneau today. Sorry about the sour weather there.


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