Friday, May 29, 2009

Birds of Prey Friday

After the long week I had, I was looking forward to getting out a little this evening to do a little birding. Nothing too intense as I only had an hour or so, but my mind was made up on getting some shots of a Red-Tailed Hawk. Luckily we were fortunate to find one near Cross Street in Millbury who was perched on a power line and surveying the scene, looking for dinner I'm sure.
Alan got out his spotting scope to allow for digiscope photos like the ones above.

The Red-tailed Hawk sat there patiently scanning the grounds below as Common Grackles harassed him. This didn't seem to bother the hawk any as I am sure it is used to it, but it was very interesting to observe.

Look at the seriousness in that face and the intensity in its eyes.

Many of the birds I saw today seemed to take and intense liking to preening. The rain had stopped and it was time to dry off some I guess!

Of course what would Friday be without some Peregrine Falcon photos. The male falcon wanted to do some preening himself and I was lucky enough that he decided to do it during my lunch hour. Now I am very attached to both of the falcons, but the male is my favorite hands down. The female is the more dominant of the two and it's obvious who wears the pants in that relationship. ;o). The male on the other hand is more of the "yes dear" type who just does what is asked of him and spends the rest of him time goofing off and doing some seriously funny things like the face above. I swear if I didn't know any better I would think he was smiling at me!

Aside from his goofy antics it wasn't just fun for this guy as his responsibility was to scan the sky for potential threats against his young. Despite his laid back attitude, he takes this job very seriously. ;o)

When he is not scratching himself and looking at his feet that is!

It's a tough job, but someones gotta do it!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, if you look to the side nest box you will see one of the baby Peregrine Falcons peeking out and looking at its new world.

Mamma was the hunter today and I watched her pluck a pigeon from the air and take it to the ledge for plucking! Closeup photos were not possible as I only have a 15 zoom but I did the best I could! You can see the feathers in the air though.

Busy at work preparing the meal for her family. A woman's work is never done! ;o)

The kids are calling at this point as their mouths water of the thought of freshly killed pigeon.

Off she goes to deliver the goods.

To her hungry children begging for food.

While Pappa preens and fluffs.


Carol said...

Gotta get a scope!!! I love the "someones gotta do it" photo. such expression.

Amy said...

I really enjoyed this report, especially of the peregrines. The expression on the male's face in that first shot is priceless! Great post, Kim. :)

Ginnymo said...

Awesome photos Kim!!! I love seeing the little baby Falcon in the box! Can't wait to see it out...As I was watching your video I couldn't help but think about all the bird "Poop' that must be below..Ha! ha! And then when your video got done I happened to notice a video of Falcons from Utica NY near where I live so I watched that one too. That was neat also. Showed the bird sitting on one egg at the end. I will have to look for more of theirs. You are so lucky to be able to observe these awesome birds!! The hawk photos were amazing too!!

Shellmo said...

Your falcon was definitely smiling at you! I can see why you've fallen in love with them! It's so nice that you share their lives with us - preening, feeding and just plain hanging out!

Ratty said...

Those two pictures of the male falcon looking towards the camera are great. I especially liked that first one, but that second one with the serious look would have been a standout without the first.

Jayne said...

Indeed, he was totally smiling at you Kim! He's happy you've introduced his fine family to your readers. :c)

MaineBirder said...

WOW Kim! Outstanding series! I love the Peregrine shots!

Vickie said...

Love your red-tailed hawk. And the peeks at the nest, the young and the falcons going about their daily lives are awesome!

Deborah Godin said...

Terrific shots of these birds at their 'toilette'!

A New England Life said...

Watching our local Red-tailed hawk is such a treat so I know you must have enjoyed yours!

It must a delight to view the PF's on an almost daily basis. They babies will be gone before you know it! Will they have another clutch?

Larry T said...

Its always a blast to watch peregrines.


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