Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday''s What the heck is this thing?

That's right. Here is your opportunity to show off your nature skills and help a newbie out at the same time. It can't get much better than that.

The photo above has me stumped. I saw it while walking on the bike trail this past weekend. I felt like a complete idiot crouching down and taking the photo. I already get enough strange looks from people while I'm out in the woods with my binoculars and camera while everyone else is walking, biking, etc. Here I was, decked out in my Lands End attire, taking a photo of what probably appeared to be dog feces to them. HA! I guess I should get used to it that's all. It isn't fungus, I don't think it's nuts or berries. I was hoping it may be owl pellets but they do not match any of the google photos I have seen of pellets. Any ideas??

Second is my photo that won't go away. It is the seed on a tree in my yard that finches like to eat. I even sent it to 10000 Birds hoping they can help but have not heard back from them yet. It is driving me crazy!
Last but certainly not least is this cute little nest no larger than a puffed up sparrow. I googled this weekend and the closest nest photo I could get was a fly catchers nest. Is anyone familiar with those who could verify this is true.

Thanks all and have a great day.


Ruth said...

My guess is deer droppings, even though I cannot see the size or context in comparison to anything else. And the nest may be that of an oriole. Look up oriole nests on Google images. The oriole nests I have seen here (Baltimore oriole) have been a little more sack-like.

Kallen305 said...

Thanks Ruth. They are about the size of a thumb nail.

Mary thought it may be an orioles nest too, but am not sure because it is so tiny. Plus it was made on a very low branch and most of the oriole nests I have seen have been made really up high in a tree.

Shellmo said...

Gosh I wish I knew. I agree w/ Ruth that it is animal droppings of some sort.

nina said...

I'm not sure what it is, but I can say what it's not--not owl pellets, as they fall haphazardly one by one, and wouldn't be found in a pile like that.
My guess, deer--or other ruminant.

Kallen305 said...

Thanks everyone. I am in my office laughing right now. I can't believe I took a photo of deer dung. HA! I am glad I poked it with a stick instead of my finger (yes I am learning). :o)!!

Dave Coulter said...

Deer squeezins' ?

Tina said...

Yep, looks like deer spore. Curious about your pic that won't go away..keep us posted on what that is!
enjoyed your post..I'm a beginner also, keep taking those pictures..you're not alone walking the woods with your binoculars and camera..tee he

Steve B said...

Here's my tip of the day. Get youself a tripod. There is something about a tripod that makes people think you're a pro. Comes in real handy if you plan on shooting a lot of scatt.

The nest? We may never know. You can narrow it down by the location, the class of tree and the shape. Sometimes the materials help. Short of seeing the mommy and daddy birds or the eggs, I'd go with an American Goldfinch. But we may never know!

Kallen305 said...

Thanks Steve. I was thinking of getting myself a tripod because I am shaky by nature and the tripod will help. And no, I don't plan on photographing a lot of scatt, that was purely and accident on my part, LOL!!! Seriously, I thought it was something exotic and exciting, I had no idea it was animal droppings. LOL!! No wonder I was getting strange looks. Runs away embarassed......

Susan Gets Native said...

Took a picture.

Kallen305 said...

LOL Susan!! I chocked on my morning coffee over your comment. I know I did HA!! I never knew deer poop could be so uniform in size. I honestly would have never thought of it as that. Oh well, you learn something new everyday. HA, LOL.

I wasn't going to blog today, but I think I am just going to get a picture on here to get the deer poop of the main blog entry. LOL!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Yep, deer bockie.

I can tell you with some surety that that's a yellow-throated vireo nest. You can tell by the way it's attached (two or three sides); the way it's suspended from the top rim, and the copper-kettle shape, the rounded bottom. A red-eyed vireo nest is more triangular, and it's got too much white material and is much too neat to be an Acadian flycatcher nest. Congatulations!

Now, the pods...hmmm. I'm thinkin'. Where are you located? Is this an ornamental tree (i.e. not native to your area?)

Science Chimp, only a partial attack. Eee! Eee! Eee!

dAwN said...

Lol..you crack me up...I love that you don't care if it seems silly or not to ask questions..I love that you put up pictures of things to have others help you identify...I learn when you learn..
oh.ha..I do know what deer poop looks like...especially now..tee hee
Looks like you got a positive id on that nest from Julie...I find it amazing that people know these things..I have sooooo much to learn.
Great blogging!
I have just given you a butterfly award..
go to my blog and get it..

Kallen305 said...

Julie, thanks for stopping by! You were one of the first blogs I read on birds and I read the entire thing in one night. You make learning both educational and fun so it's always nice to read your new posts.

Dawn, Thank you so much!!! I have seen all of these awards but had no idea what they were! I will go over there and grab it and spread it around. I don't think I will do that intil this weekend as it is going to involve some thinking on my part. HA!! Thanks again, it is very much appreciated and I am glad my deer dung photo has helped to educate you too!! ;o) HA!


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