Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Butterfly Award!

Look at what I have. My very own award!! I had seen quite a few awards on bloggers websites but had no idea how one went about getting one. I think it's very cool that fellow bloggers can nominate someone else for recognition. I never knew how time consuming blogging could be. I enjoy every minute of it, but it's not easy, so a little recognition is aways much appreciated!!

Anyhow, the kind blogger who nominated me for this award was
Dawn. I came across Dawn's blog through her commenting on mine and was automatically drawn into her story. You see Dawn and her husband are in the midst of doing something I have always dreamed of doing which is seeing the USA via an RV. You must check out her blog to see some of the amazing things they have seen while on their adventure. Dawn has an enthusiasm for life that is contagious and it shows in her blog. Every time I visit, I leave with a smile on my face. Thanks again Dawn.

Now here comes the tough part. You are supposed to give out the award to other bloggers. You can chose as many as you want and it is advised you give up to 10. The problem with that is that there are more than 10 people I know in the blogging community that I think is worthy of an award and I don't want to leave anyone out. With that said, I decided to give an award to just one individual blogger. The blogger I chose is the one who has supported my blogging since day one and gone out of her way to make me feel part of the community. I will get into the detail futher below.

And the award goes to..........Drum Roll Please.........Yes I am getting a little carried away but I am over tired and have leg cramps and just took a Tylenol PM so there is my excuse.

Jayne at Journey Through Grace

I found Jayne's blog through Julie Zickefoose's blog and I automatically book marked it. The first thing I noticed was how pretty it was. She had tons of blue bird pictures on her blog and these birds make me feel happy so I couldn't resist.

Second, her name is Jayne. That is my middle name spelled exactly as her first. I had never met another Jayne with a spelling like that (except family) so I felt an instant connection. On a side note all of the first females on my fathers side of the family were given the same exact middle name (after a feisty great, great, great, grandmother of ours).

When I finally got up enough courage to make my first post Jayne welcomed me with open arms. Not only did she greet me, but she included my blog in one of her posts encouraging others to visit my new blog (Jayne does this with all new blogs, how nice is that). Jayne would make it a point to come to my blog daily to comment which really encouraged me to keep blogging. I like to think of her as a good will ambassador for the blogging community and that is something we newbies appreciate as we are still virgins (HA), to the whole blogging experience so it's nice to have someone like Jayne there to encourage us.

Jayne's blog is normally the first blog I go to first thing every morning. She is an early bird like me so I always know there will be a new blog entry from her at around 5:3o AM!! How she can do that is beyond me because I can't even form a complete sentence that early in the morning, but she manages just fine. Jayne posts a variety of things on her blog which makes it fun to follow. One day she will post about birds or nature in general. The next will be a post that is thought provoking and encourages thought and discussion. Then she will post what I like to call the fun stuff. This is the yearbook pictures, the product reviews or just funny comics. What ever it is, it's always entertaining and her posts. helps to start my day in a good mood.

Thanks Jayne. You have helped to make blogging a real pleasure for me and have also taught me in your own way to take things a little easier than I normally do. Journey Through Grace is a very fitting blog title for you and I am happy to be along your side in your journey.

Good night all and sweet dreams!


Deborah Godin said...

I'm not surprised at all! I haven't been visiting all that here long, but I always enjoy your posts!

Jayne said...

Awwwwww Kallen. I am humbled by your kind words. (Almost blushing.) I was just so charmed by your sweet personality and your excitement about beginning to bird, how could I not share it with others?

Oh, and I'll let you in on a little secret. Jayne (and who knew we shared a name!) composes her blog posts and then set them to publish at 5:30 so that there is a new post each morning. You can set the date and time under "post options" in the frame where you are composing. I am up by 5:30, but not in here blogging until 6:15 or so.

Thanks again for such a sweet honor.

Shellmo said...

Congrats on your well deserved award! And I agree that Jayne is a sweetie!

Rambling Woods said...

Congrats to you and now I have a new blog to check out too...


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