Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Day in Boston

I had to work in Boston yesterday so I brought my camera. The picture above is of Fanuel Hall. If you ever go to Boston, I suggest you make a stop there. They have a lot of great stores and tons of places to eat.

Statue at Post Office Square. This is a small park in Boston that is beautiful in the summer when all of the flowers and trees are in bloom.

A sky scraper right near South Station. South Station is where you go in Boston to grab buses and trains. When I was leaving Boston they were announcing departures to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virgina and other places along the East coast. I so wanted to jump on the train and go somewhere. It didn't matter where, I just crave adventure. Winter boredom is already starting to kick in and it's not even winter yet!! What you see in the reflection of the building is a crane obviously. I get so nervous around these things now after what happened in New York City this past summer.

A rose I took a photo of at a florist shop in South Station. I miss flowers so much I was tempted to buy some. My cats have a tendency to destroy them so I bought a coffee instead. ;o)

A house sparrow sitting on a park bench at Post Office Square. They were the only birds I saw that day in Boston besides gulls. They say that a lot of different birds come here in the summer so I will keep my eyes open next time I go back there. I wish it wasn't getting dark out when I left work. This picture came out a little blurry due to the lack of sunlight. I love the shadow of its tail on the bench. I wish it were a sparrow I enjoy, but beggars can't be choosers. HA

This one is for Rich, HA!! Seriously, I couldn't resist. Inside South Station they had this fabulous Christmas Train display (that was too big for me to take photos of, plus my train was leaving). I saw this and thought it was adorable. It is blurry and I couldn't get close enough to get a decent photo because they had it roped off. Plus they were calling my train to board.

I normally dread going into Boston for work, but I had fun this time. I actually love taking pictures now. This is a lot coming from me because I used to hate taking pictures. If someone would ask me to take their photo, I would break out into a light sweat claiming I wasn't any good at it. It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't listen to that nagging inner voice inside of you that's always telling you that you can't do this or you are no good at that. Another new discovery for me for the last half of my life.


Rich said...

Hi Kalen,
I swear I saw that dog in the village this past spring. It looks like the little husky that had a habt of getting loose. The Yup'ik people wear clothes like that and they are necessary for survival, especially for white folks like me.

Boston sounds great. Our streets here in Juneau are clear. Just piles of snow on the side of the streets. More rain today.

Ruth said...

Boston is a city I would like to visit sometime when it is a little warmer. I think you are finding out how blogging and using a camera opens your eyes and makes you far more observant. Great fun!

Jayne said...

I've never been there either. Thanks for taking us along Kallen. :c)

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed your adventures in Boston. I liked the duck sculpture but wished it alive.

Jumping on a train and going somewhere is really what life is all about. Everyone should do it at least once in their lifetime and age should not be a problem.

I used to jump on Greyhound buses and go as far as $40.00 would take me. In 1952 it was all the way from Dayton, Ohio to Tucson, Arizona. I still remember those adventures. Sleeping on the park bench in downtown Tucson that first night.

Being fed (I ran out of spending money in Indianapolis) by a schoolteacher from "Boston" on her way to Hotel Desert Air Parkway in Palm Springs, California. She bought me a Shrimp dinner at the bus station in Tucson before she left and I left for the park bench.

I had to find a job the next day and did, but those adventures are something that one lives with.

I just am not able to even imagine a life without having done something like that at least once.

troutbirder said...

I loved Boston but Fanuel Hall not so much. It was the first stop for lunch on our Oct "leaf peeper" tour. It was a madhouse. Not even a place to sit down and eat. Then rushing back to our tour bus we got caught in a huge downpour and darn near drowned.

Rich said...


I like the fuzzy pictures! Taking non perfect pictures is what life is all about.

Anon: I think I might try that this summer.

Shellmo said...

Thank you for showing us around Boston! I've never been there but it's on my list to visit. Your photographs are a reflection of you and what you enjoy - snap away!!

dAwN said...

Howdee...I used to live just outside boston in brookline..for many years before hitting the road fulltime in our Homey...We still have family nearby and tend to go there most summers.
Glad you had a nice time...loved the photo show...

Kallen305 said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Yes Boston is a nice city to visit. I am more of a country gal myself so it's nice to go there, but be able to go back to less congestion and noise. If you do like city living, than Boston is a great choice.

Abe, that is always something I dreamed of doing. Your adventure reminds me of one of my favorite books of all times. It is by Peter Jenkins and it's called "A Walk Across America". It is a true story and this man actually walked through the states in the south with his dog and met all kinds of people.

Trout, Fanuel can be a zoo sometimes. I won't go there when it's like that. Our offices are right across the street from there so we tend to go when it's not as busy. I understand you pain though, I hate mobs!

Steve B said...

And if you go to Boston, check out all of the cool weather vanes. Especially the Faneuil Hall Cricket. We like to hope the ferry from Salem, Ma and make a day trip. It's a fun city to walk around as Kim has posted.


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