Monday, December 8, 2008

A day on the trail

This is an area I came across while on the bike path this weekend. At first I was mystified on what could have caused this. After some thought, I realized this could only be the work of a beaver. I was thrilled to have made this discovery as this is a first for me.

Check out the teeth markings in the wood. Is that impressive or what!!

It appears as though they were able to bring this one down. I have no idea where their dam is, but I am going to find out this weekend when I go back there.

It's amazing all of the things you can find when you become aware of your surroundings. I used to go to this bike trail a lot a couple of years ago when I was there to walk and not explore. I wanted to track the miles I could conquer not the experiences I could embrace. If I'd have seen this during that time in my life I would have looked at it with mild curiosity and then moved on for it would have slowed down my pace. Now I go to the very same trail to embrace that moment and every wonderful thing it has to offer.

My senses are now enlightened instead of dulled.

- My eyes see the frost on the leaves and the squirrel in the tree

- My ears hear the birds singing and the river running

-My nose smells decaying leaves and crisp, winter air

-My hands feel the roundness of acorns and the harshness of thorns

-My mouth tastes the rain on my tongue and sun ripened berries

Who has time to conquer when one is still. Yes I could have tracked more miles on this cold winter day, but I would rather explore. I am like a child while in the woods seeing everything for the first time. I had forgotten how good it felt to be free of worries, responsibility and everything else adulthood bestows upon us. The woods allow me to temporarily put all of that away even if only for an hour. It feels good to be free.



Rich said...

The beaver teeth grow throughout their life. If they stopped chewing, the teeth would go through the lower chin. The beavers must continue to chew or die. It also makes a comfy house and hiding place their family.

Great comments about hiking.

Shellmo said...

Beautiful post on noticing your surroundings on your hikes. How neat to see the handiwork of the beaver!

Rambling Woods said... can even see the marks. Amazing. I am with you, it's amazing what you see when you take the time to look. You asked Shelley what she had in her feeder that the white-breasted nuthatch was on. They were shelled peanuts. Many birds love them, but so do the squirrels so she must have the feeder somewhere where the squirrels can't get it.

New Rambling Woods Site

Kallen305 said...

Rich, I didn't know that so thank you for the info. I am sure all of the beavers on the bike path now have perfect teeth based upon the trees they took down. ;o)

Shelley, I was so excited to be able to get a close up photo of the wood. One observation I have had since taking photos is that still objects are much easier to get a decent picture of then those that move. ;o)

Thanks to both of you on your comments on my wording. Those words come to my mind while I am outside in the woods and I want to record them to remember how I feel and to serve as a gentle reminder on how much beauty there is in the world if you stop long enough to seek it.

Rambling, thanks for the info. I toss out peanuts in the shell for the squirrels, but I think they would raid this feeder if I put peanuts out there. The squirrels in my yard live for peanuts, so I am afraid it would be too much temptation for them. HA

Jayne said...

I am constantly looking around me Kallen, and it's amazing what you can see that others never do! :c) Very cool find to see the beaver's work.

MicheleRF said...

Beautiful post Kallen! You evoked many senses and made me realize...I have to get outside soon!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love this post, Kallen... I spent too many years NOT looking!!!! Beavers are amazing critters!!! Thanks for reminding me to keep using ALL of my senses when out in nature!!!!

dAwN said...

Great post Kallen, I love wandering around much fun. Thanks for the great photos and wonderful prose.

NCmountainwoman said...

Great post. You have captured the meaning of the phrase, "the journey is the destination."

Kallen305 said...

Jayne, I am learning that every day. It's a wonderful discovery isn't it!

Michelle do go out there, you will love it. Make sure you bring your camera though so I can see your pictures!! HA!! ;o)

Dawn, I am the queen of wondering aimlessly. I usually wonder aimlessly around my house looking for my car keyes, my purse, or my other shoe. It is so nice to be able to do with with a purpose. HA!

Betsy, now is the chance to re discover it all. The greatest thing about getting into nature when you are older is that we have seen a lot through our many years of living. It is such a treat to realize there are a whole bunch of new things we can experience if we are open to it.

Very true NC. To often we focus on the destination and not the journey to get there. I am just learning how to enjoy the journey and realize the destination is just one piece of the maze.

Steve B said...

Yup, I've seen bigger trees taken down by beavers. It's good that you can get out and sense the things around you. So many people are unable to "stop and smell the roses".

Leedra said...

It is unbelievable what damage they can do. Did you end out seeing the beaver?


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