Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peregrine Falcon Update-May 30-Downtown Worcester-Two Chicks Confirmed!

I'd decide to do a Peregrine Falcon update this morning as I've seen the male perched on the cross to the church every morning I drive into work which is normal behavior when nesting's been successful.  I'd get there before 7am figuring I'd both hear and see more with less traffic and noise.  The female would be on the ledge watching guard looking as fierce as ever.

 With the male on the cross watching guard looking as goofy as ever!

I'd get my bins toward the platform searching for life and it wouldn't take long to find a shadow of interest (you can actually see it in the picture at the bottom of the ledge a little to the right of the shadow of the female).  I'd wait for it to move and sure enough it would which would be my confirmation of one chick!  I'd wait around for a bit hoping to see more shadows but wouldn't so went back to the office to send an email to Bill Davis letting him know I saw one and was hoping for an update by him.

Photo by Emily Eaton-Courtesy of Mass Fish & Wild Life

He'd let me know the Peregrines had two chicks this year (one male and one female) and both were banded by Fish and Wild Life on 5.22.  I'd be thrilled with not only the update but the pictures as well as they were taken by Emily Eaton so it's nice to know she's still involved as I know her love for these birds.  The photo above is of the female chick.

Photo by Emily Eaton-Courtesy of Mass Fish and Wild Life

And this photo above is of the female adult!!!  Come to find out she was able to get rid of her leg band some how and Tom French was able to capture her and get her rebanded!  How he did it is beyond me as I've seen her in action but he did and she is now sporting a brand spanking new leg band courtesy of Tom who is holding her in the picture above.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I don't have to play the guessing game this year but do wonder how come there were only two.  Don't know if egg production lessons the older the Peregrines get as the Mrs is getting up there in age but it does lead me to wonder.

Take care all.

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