Saturday, May 4, 2013

More FOY Spring Migrators

I'd do some birding today and hit some spots with Alan this morning including a place nearby where I'd pick up an Ovenbird as soon as we got out of the car.  After some bush whacking both of us would pick up one lone FOY Black-throated Green.  Funny that we'd get the two birds I've fantasized about the most song wise during the dead of winter when I was house bound and yearned for spring so I guess it is finally here.

Next would be Rutland State Park in hopes for a Nashville Warbler.  We'd get out of the car and I'd hear a bird that messed with my ears and who else would it be but a Yellow-rumped Warbler of course!  It wouldn't take long for me to hear a bird with Nashville potential but it would be in the another field so more bush whacking would be in order.  The closer we got to it the more convinced we were that it was a Nashville Warbler and soon enough one would grace up with his presence.

And stay still for one lousy warbler shot like the one above.  I find all warblers hyper active but for some reason this remains one of the warblers I've never gotten a half way decent photo of because as soon as I get my camera on it, off it flies!

I'd go home for lunch and then head to the South Main power lines where I'd see this very handsome White-throated Sparrow who was so tame I was worried it was sick.  The bird finally flew off making me feel better and will probably be the last I see of this bird until fall and I can certainly wait for that!

I'd pick up a couple more FOY's here including a Prairie Warbler and one of my favorites the Eastern Kingbird.

I'd go home and spend a few hours doing housework and then head out one more time in hopes for a Scarlet Tanager so hit Brierly which is a good place for them nearby.  All would be quiet here except for a couple Ovenbirds, Purple Finches and the Blue-gray Gnatcathers.  I'd also get a Cooper's Hawk flying low and spooking all the passerines who'd fill the woods with their alarm call as he went on by.

The last stop would be the Cross Street Powerlines where I'd pick up my FOY Rose-breasted Grosbeak as soon as I got out of the car.  I'd hear its distinctive chip not followed by a half a**ed attempt of his song after waiting there forever!  The last FOY would be a Blue-winged Warbler doing a variation of song I'd never quite heard before.  Somewhat like its dawn song but no descend at the end which messed with my ears so was glad it finally decided to show its face to let me know my ears weren't playing tricks on me.

There'd also be another Prairie Warbler here as well as more gnatcatchers so it seems as if these birds are really pushing through as I got them in both spots.

So all in all a good day but do find it funny I'd get a Nashville before a Common Yellowthroat but that's the nature of birding I suppose!

Take care all.

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