Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Peregrine Falcon Update-Love is in the air!

First of all, apologies for the lousy pictures, but it was the best I could do given the circumstances but I will get to that a little later!! Anyhow, I have been keeping an eye out on the next box over at Fallon now for the past week or so because I haven't really seen much going on there and was getting a little worried. A hunch told me to go up to the 24th floor of the 446 Main Street building this morning and low and behold, was the male.
He was down on a lower section because there are people outside on the roof doing annual routine maintenance and he would stare at them and squack on occasion, but refused to leave his perching spot which is what he likes to do while the misses is nesting to keep guard of any potential threats in an effort to thwart them.

As soon as I saw that, I contacted Emily Eaton to see if she knew if the female has been spending any time in the nest box over at Fallon as I haven't seen her there in over a week. She had indicated that not only has she seen her over there, but they were actually copulating on top of the Commerce building early last week. Anyhow, she will be contacting the Department of Fish and Wildlife to see when they can come to the nest box to see if they are nesting in there and if so, how many eggs they will have this year. Cross your fingers everyone!
And just to give you an idea on why the photos came out as bad as they did. Since the Peregrine Falcon was on the lower ledge, I had to go through three layers of glass and mirrors with my camera to get any pictures of him. He's still a handsome little devil none the less!

Take care all


FaucOnline said...

Hello, I enjoy your blog.
I follow peregrine falcons near Paris, France.


Kim said...

Thanks Fauc. I went over to your blog and looked at it and love the pictures and have added it to my raptor blog roll so I can follow their progress. So nice to be able to track birds as wonderful as the Peregrine Falcon!

Kelly said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed!!


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