Monday, April 12, 2010

Brierly Pond-Another FOY Bird

I did a little bit of birding after work today with my first stop being St Philips because I really like to check this place a few times a week because you can get some really good birds here during migration. The Palm Warblers are still around and one was actually nice enough to finally sit still for a moment so I could get my 1st halfway decent picture of one.
There would also be one on the ground who would give me the "hairy eyeball". I am guessing it took one look at me and thought "oh no, not you again".
And a back shot too to show the length and shape of the tail as well as the lovely plumage on the back end.
I wouldn't stay at St Philips long as nothing new showed up, but did think it was interesting to see this Red-winged Blackbird on the ground and eating something within this pine cone.
I have a few birds on my target list this week with one of them being the Ruby-crowned Kinglet and figured Brierly would be my best shot of getting one, so off I went. I decided to go to the area that is very birdy for warblers and low and behold there were some Black-capped Chickadees nearby which I always take as a good sign because kinglets are one of the groups of birds who like to hang out with chickadees so I did some pishing and could see a bird pop into view long enough for me to put my binoculars on it for ID. I would do some soft pishing again and the Ruby-crowned Kinglet would appear yet again for one lousy shot before going back into hiding. On another note, I would be walking on another path and would hear one call, but it was fairly close by so not sure if it was the same one. I had never heard their call before (or at least noticed it before) and it was very interesting. Almost scolding and wren like.

Take care all

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