Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day in Boston

I had to work in Boston today so decided to head to Rowes Wharf to do some birding as I haven't been there since I got the Lesser Black-backed Gull last winter. I wasn't planning on seeing that bird obviously as it has long since gone, but I have gotten lucky there at times and the weather was so nice I figured why not.
I should have known I was doomed as the first bird I saw would be this Rock Pigeon above doing the dead man's float. The day was so nice there were tourists everywhere with cameras because it's right near the aquarium and they are all taking pictures of scenic boats and land mark buildings and there is the freak Kim taking picture of dead pigeons. HA! ;-)
And of course the House Sparrows who know a good deal when they see it as people not only like to take pictures around the wharf but eat too and with food comes crumbs and these guys are more than willing to do their part to control litter in any way they can.
And my favorite Rowes Wharf bird the Ring-billed Gulls. Check out how handsome this one is in his breeding plumage.
Here he is giving me the classic "hairy eyeball".
And a photo I thought was cool as he was right near the water with the Marriott I believe in the background. I think these gulls are much better looking near the ocean vs. the parking lot and he was a definite ham for the camera.
The highlight of my time there would be hits of spring where ever I went. With shades of purple
And pink azaleas
Just starting to bloom
And more signs of spring which were indeed welcome after the long period of rain we had.

Very eager to get out there this weekend to bird and just get outside. Friday at 5 can't come soon enough for me.

Take care all.


NCmountainwoman said...

Great photographs, even the dead pigeon. And you were "working" in Boston? Glad the weather was so good.

Susan W. said...

I have that book, too! Also, the blooms are simply breathtaking! Thank you!


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