Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday: Running, a Red-tailed, Reflections and Ravens

I decided to get in a run this morning and bundled up to hit one of the local power lines to get in a longer run than usual because I can't do them during the week with work and have been trying to increase my millage some to get ready for a race I will be entering this spring.

I started off slowly being mindful of my feet because I had some shin splints and hamstring problems this past week but soon enough the aches and pains ceased as I got into my groove and started up one of the many hills.
About half way up my eyes instinctively scan the sky above and see my familiar friend the local Red-tailed Hawk who always seems to be there and serves as a perfect motivator as there are times I chase it and this bird can be fast when it wants to. ;-)
It flew to a branch and perched for a moment while I took a break to watch it some and have some water. I have been trying to focus more on running and making less stops unless it is something I have to stop for no matter what, and a raptor is one of those no matter whats. Its strange how I usually see a hawk whenever I am running the trails as I was first introduced to trail running by a Northern Goshawk at Wachusett Meadows this past summer. I was birding alone when suddenly I could hear the call of a hawk I was not at all familiar with, but my ear told me it was in an open location, so I ran through the trails to find it and the rest is history. Finding a raptor during a trail run I consider a good omen indeed.
In an attempt to increase my miles, I decided to do a couple more trails I am not at all familiar with and was rewarded with endless landscapes and blue skies that caused me to stop for a quick picture as I drank my water. This is an area that was totally open that I had never noticed before. The wind was strong at this point, but felt good against my skin and could have stayed there longer, but knew that wasn't possible so off I went to explore some more.
Another trail I found that doesn't appear to have been touched by a human in quite some time. Just a dog or a coyote I suppose. One of the things I like most about running trails and woods is the sense of adventure it brings as you never quite know what could be around the corner so it makes it exciting every time I head out there.

And for those of you curious on what a trail run is like, a video of moi, killing herself as she runs up a hill. The things I do for my audience. :-p. On a serious note, I belong to another site where I have gotten a couple of notes of concern and hints of my lack of sanity but for those of you who know me well, know that I can be a little crazy at times but what's wrong with that as it's a much better alternative to being dull! ;-). I want to remind you all that I have been running trails like this since summer and am mind full of my feet of all times so it's not half as dangerous as it looks.

I guess it does take a bit of a dare devil to run trails such as this but I have found my spirit of adventure increase as I head into middle age. It's funny in that I was reckless in my 20's, overly cautious in my 30's and afraid of everything to finding a happy medium in my 40's. There is something empowering about letting go of some of the fears in life and doing things you have often thought about doing, but never did due to fear. I guess that's why we adults enjoy watching kids play so much as they haven't developed that fear yet as they are too young to experience the bumps and bruises in life that causes us adults to settle into the ordinary and not attempt the extraordinary. There is no other way I can see me living the second half of my life than the way I am living it now. Give me fresh air, rugged terrain and raptors and I am in my element. I guess it's true what they say about "with age comes wisdom" as I finally know who I am, it just took 40 years to find it that's all.

Oh, and the big bonus of the day was when I was headed back to my car and heard the call of both Common Ravens here in town!!! One of my favorite calls of all and it caused chills to rush down my spine as I was elated to see they are back at their old breeding grounds. Yes life is good, wind chill, ice and all.

Take care everyone!


Jamie said...

Well done on the run! I saw a red-tailed hawk on the powerlines near me this morning as well, but neglected to mention it.

Rich said...

Winter is coming to an end and you will be in shape for the race. You have a great outlook on life! Thanks for sharing.

Dan said...

Nice run Kim. I like the way you worked that hill.

Chris Petrak said...

There is something haunting about the call of the raven, but also reassuring - that the wild and free still survives.


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