Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Peregrine Falcon Visit-This time the Misses

I was at work today and just finishing up on the phone as I stared out the window feeling as gray as the skies as this weather is starting to get old when suddenly I could see a bird whip on by past my building while gaining altitude. I hung up the phone and decided to venture up to the top of the building as my gut told me one of the Peregrine Falcons would be up there and sure enough, who do I see? Why the misses of course. She could sense my presence as I adjusted my camera settings and was lucky enough to get this photo.
And this one that really shows off her gorgeous talons.
And another where she is looking above as the male flies by overhead trying to dazzle her with his acrobatic talents.
It was rather wet outside so she spent some time trying to shake it off but it was no use as the precipitation just didn't want to seem to want to end unfortunately.
That didn't stop her from preening though in an attempt to look groomed. Check out those gorgeous feathers on her chest and belly.
And another. As you can see, both she and the male look as if they found plenty of food this past winter and downtown Worcester was good to them as the Rock Pigeons were a plenty!
Finally a shot that I thought came out wicked cool. Check out the size of her in this picture. It really puts the urban setting she lives in, in better perspective.

Take care everyone!


Rich said...


Great pictures!!!! You really are fortunate to see them out of your window. So Great!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh my goodness.These pictures are sooo beautiful.THe last one is excellent,in that it shows the surroundings so well.AS I pick my jaw up off the floor,once again,these are wonderful pictures.

Susan W. said...

Wicked cool! Gorgeous shots, too.

eileeninmd said...

Great shots, the peregrine would be a lifer for me.

forestal said...

wonderful pictues


Hilke Breder said...

Terrific sequence, Kim. Peregrine falcons are fascinating - it's great that they are creating their homes in city buildings instead of far away mountains.

Renee said...

Seriously cool pictures! You get the 'good' birds - me? Well, atop my big building we have a pair of nesting Turkey Vultures. Ever had one of those peering through the glass at you? They are seriously not pretty. It is cool to watch the youngin's learning to soar so I guess looks aren't everything.

Kim said...

Thanks all. Renee, I would LOVE the chance to see a TV nesting as they are known for being VERY secretive breeders. It must be so cool to see them and I can only imagine what they look like as nestlings. HA

The Early Birder said...

Super images of the urban predator Kim. Let's hope they have another sucessful season. FAB.


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