Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mr Peregrine Falcon Takes to His Favorite Ledge

Despite what the forecast says, spring is definitely in the air, and while you can't tell by the temperatures or the snow fall, you can tell if you pay special attention to nature signs whenever you venture outside. The Male Northern Cardinal is singing as well as some others, the days are getting longer, and I am convinced I can smell the scent of spring in the air late in the day here and there. Want more proof, check out Mr Peregrine Falcon here who is back at his favorite spring and summertime spot which is the ledge right across from the nest box!
I peeked my head over near the nest box as the female spends a considerable amount of time there lately, and low and behold, the Mr was across from her and staking out his territory. I decide to grab my coat and camera and run up the 7 flights of stairs for a brief visit as well as some pictures before he decides to take off.

I slowly approach him with camera in tow wondering if he would remember me as the crazy stalker broad from last year who would visit him weekly last year and yes, even talk to him at times, but that's between you and me ok. ;-). I tiptoed closely and he just gave me the same bored stare he did last year as if to say "oh no, not you again" as I smiled and gave him a really good looking over to make sure all feathers were in tact, wings looked okay, etc as this is the closest I have gotten to him since last summer. After careful examination, I deemed him a healthy little Peregrine Falcon as he went on about his business just like the old days.
He spent some time defending his turf and then decided to take a little cat nap as shown above. So cute!
He was in la-la land until a loud truck roared on by which caused him to awaken to check out who the culprit was.
After a while he determined the honkin truck was no threat and went back to his laid back ways with most of it being preening and napping on occasion. Very happy to see they are getting closer to my building and think it's only a matter of time before they make one of their frequent stops on top of the 446 Main Street Building where I will be waiting with camera in tow!

Take care everyone.


Chris Petrak said...

So glad to see the peregrine update - back on his ledge and ready to go - pigeons beware! Your previous post had nice photos of the buntings and larks - I have a coastal weekend planned, but the weather is looking very dicey.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh wow,what a treat to have a Peregrine so close to you and get great pictures.I am looking forward to many more shots as the nesting progresses.

Kelly said...

...I can't believe a year has gone by. I remember last year when you first spotted them nesting. Great photos...

Anonymous said...

My best wish for you is that you get a 400mm zoom lens for your birthday so Mr. Peregrine Falcon looks like he is sitting on your window sill.

Excellent photographs, by the way, and am happy for the falcons and that they are back to their old tricks.

forestal said...

Love your photos, great to watch through your blog :)


NCmountainwoman said...

I'm so glad that you follow the Peregrines for us. I look forward to every post about them.

Rich said...

Great Update!!!! Thanks!

Susan W. said...

He is beautiful! I love the urban setting, too. Great shots!

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