Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peregrine Falcon Update: February 2010

It's been a while since I have given a Peregrine Falcon update and that's mostly because there hasn't been much to report on with it being winter and all. Things are starting to get interesting lately as I have seen what I am almost certain is the female over near her nest box on the Unum building the past week or so and today she was actually in it which I am taking as a possible good sign!
The male on the other hand still likes to perch and look at downtown Worcester from a couple of his favorite locations including the one above which is on top of the Commerce Bank Building. Notice how lunch is flying by as he stares out into the horizon! ;-)
And that's not all that is downtown as you can see from the picture above which is of a Cooper's Hawk taken today as I was getting up from my desk to grab a PB&J from my bag. I could see a raptor of some sort flying very fast and powerful so I grabbed my camera for a couple of record shots and then my bins and proceeded to follow it while it flew.
I had often heard how powerful accipiters can be while flying and have seen it somewhat when I am hawk watching, but today it was different and threw me off guard at first because it was not characteristic in how I think a Cooper's Hawk normally flies. Perhaps it's because it was in such open sky, that I had an unobstructed view so could really appreciate it. Regardless, I just hope this Coopers' decides to fly the coop before the Peregrines start nesting after what happened to the poor Cooper's Hawk from last year who decided to hang around downtown and he would up at Tufts.

Will start keeping you all posted more now that things appear to be picking up some. Take care all.

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Rich said...

That is so great that the birds are back! I have this feeling that spring is on the way. We have lots of sun in NV.


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