Monday, July 27, 2009

This and That

Despite my not blogging much this past week, I have been birding here and there in between a major project I have going on at work and house projects I have put off for the past two months that are just getting done now. Example: Went for a walk around my neighborhood this morning and counted 26 birds including a Ruby-throated Hummingbird that whizzed past my head and a Blue-winged Warbler. Also saw a Great Egret fly past Route 122 in Millbury when I was driving home from work this evening. I tried to follow it but lost it a little before the package store! Went to the two ponds near my house that they are known to frequent and it wasn't there either nor is it at St Philips.Will be keeping my eyes out for it now though. The pictures above is of the Red-tailed Hawk that I see every weekend near the Cross Street Power Lines. I saw this one on Saturday afternoon while doing some local birding and walking. I am assuming it is one of the adults that had the nest that I was monitoring this late spring into summer. I have not seen the juvies in close to two weeks now so I am not sure if they are still in the area or not. Check out the gorgeous plumage in both of these shots. Even with the loss of some primary feathers this bird is still magnificent to look at in my opinion.

One of the Peregrine Falcons on top of City Hall. I loved where it was sitting so had to take the picture. The Rock Pigeons usually roost right around here and you will see dozens of the pigeons flee as one of the falcons uses this spot to perch and preen.

Picture of a Cedar Waxwing on top of a tombstone at the Millbury Cemetery this past Wednesday. This bird was perched near me and watching a feeding frenzy that was going on between Chimney Swifts, Barn Swallows and Tree Swallows. There were dozens of these birds flying in and out of the location all feeding on bugs. The Barn Swallows in particular had no problems buzzing right past my head and going after insects. What was even more interesting was there there were approx two dozens various Dragon Flies in that same area too all feeding off of the insects. I attempted some photos but all three species of bird were far too quick! Very interesting to watch though and am wondering what small bugs were there to cause such a frenzy as I couldn't see them.

And Eastern Kingbird at the Millbury bike path Tuesday morning. Not exactly a clean shot but I liked how I was able to pick up the white tail feathers which is a very good field mark for this bird.

Did some birding with Alan this past Sunday morning and saw a Willow Flycatcher at Sterling Peat. I have not seen one of these birds in close to a month now so it was a welcome site.

Also went to Wachusett Meadows and saw a Red-tailed Hawk getting mobbed by another hawk or perhaps Falcon. The birds were too far away for us to be able to get a good look at it for verification and I couldn't get any decent shots.

And lastly a handsome little bullfrog I found underneath my car this past Saturday. How it go there I don't know, but I just had to get its picture!

Take care all.


Andy said...

Love that frog look! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kim, Seems like forever since you have blogged. Maybe I missed some!!! Anyhow---glad you are back and still seeing birds... I still love seeing those Cedar Waxwings. Such pretty birds.

Have a good day tomorrow.

Rose Ragai said...

Hi Kim!
This is my first visit to your blog. It was neat and great posts in your blog. I love reading it and did follow your blog. Do visit mine if you have time. I blog about my experience discovering our Borneo rainforest here. I will learn more on birding and will share my expereience as well.


NCmountainwoman said...

I love these mixed posts. Glad you saw the frog under the car.

Ginnymo said...

Those Red-Tailed hawks are so beautiful!! Great shots of them Kim! I love that Bullfrog!!

dAwN said...

Glad you are getting out and Birding..You do much more that I do!
We are in cT and spending time with the family before we head west.
Hope to do more birding then.
Take care..and Happy Birding!
Love that little frog!

Larry said...

Interesting place for a Cedar Waxwing to perch. That is my favorite photo you took.

P said...

I love the cedar waxwing picture! What beautiful birds! Still hoping to attract some to my yard some day. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your pictures. :)

Kathiesbirds said...

You have been out and about! Do you submit those counts to eBird? I saw a peregrine in Pinal county, AZ last week. I hope to post photos next week sometime.


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