Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wachusett Reservior and Local Birding

I decided to head up Northern Worcester county this morning and Wachusett Reservoir to explore some of the various trails. It was foggy, rainy and pretty miserable, but I still managed to get out there, all though there were not that many birds due to the lousy weather conditions and even if there were, I didn't want to risk getting my camera wet. So instead I made the best of it and walked for about two hours and going to the gates I had not gone to before to see what they were like.

The only notable birds I did see while there were two what I presume to be first cycle Ring-billed Gulls over by the historic Church on the reservoir.

The rain didn't seem to want to end so I went back to my area and to Eastern Mountain Sports for more clothes. I figured I had to do something to kill the time while it poured out. ;o). Anyhow, soon enough the skies brightened and the air turned hot and humid again. I decided to try some powerline trails knowing I would not get many birds, but wanted to walk some more. I did see quite a few Eastern Towhees including this pretty female above.

The Field Sparrows who have been in hiding as of late, were out in full force today. This is one of about six I saw today while walking.

One of my favorite sparrows so I am glad to see they are out of hiding finally.

The Eastern Kingbirds were out in full force today as well and doing their little fluttering flying that I love to see them do. When they do that they remind me of the Peanuts when ever they were running. Does anyone besides me remember that. Their upper body would stand perfectly still while their lower body would move around like crazy. HA! This is how my mind works folks, be very afraid. ;o)

Of course I had to go to St Philips to see if I could see the Black-crowned Night Heron again which I did. Here is an over exposed photo of it flying but I am glad to see it was still there today. For those of you in the area who would like to see this bird it is in the far right side of the wetlands and usually on a snag.

I decided to go another way to the wetlands as well and that is on one of the side streets. A homeowner mows a path in a very grassy field so walking around is easy and I just never seem to do it for some reason as the cemetery is very convenient and makes for easy access to the wetlands. Anyhow, I am VERY glad I decided to venture over there today as I saw 5 BOBOLINKS!! I could see these birds perched on various stems and they were making Bobolink type calls but not the ones I am used to. I take this picture and examine it and Bobolink is the first thing that enters my mind, but I quickly dismiss it as the habitat is too grassy and not hay like as I thought they preferred.

Suddenly I spot the male and I am able to confirm that there are indeed Bobolinks over there and if they bred there than they did so successfully!!! Of course they may have bred somewhere else and are just passing through but it is still a great find as I have never seen them over there before. Another bird on my checklist for that area. THIS is why it's one of my favorite spots to bird.

And lastly a family of Tree Swallows all cuddled together on a snag. So cute to see them like that.

Take care.


Ratty said...

More great bird pictures! I've been seeing birds in the meadow area of one of my parks that look very much like these eastern kingbirds. I'm assuming they're the same, but I don't know enough yet to say for sure.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures, Kim. I heard the Towhees singing while in North Carolina last weekend. I never did see one of the birds---but their "Drink your tea-ee-ee-ee" was loud and clear.

Have a great Sunday.

Kelly said...

...lots of birds for what started as a rainy day! I love Bobolinks too and saw them at our VOA park yesterday. Love your Eastern Kingbird shot. I love watching those birds!

Rich said...

Kim, I haven't seen rain in a while. I kind of miss it. Great pictures. Rain makes things smell so good.

Steve B said...

Good to be out in the field. The Field Sparrows are pretty cool.

forestal said...

Great post and nice pictures. Just found your Blog thru Dawn's Bloggy Blog, glad to see another local blogger.



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