Saturday, April 18, 2009

Love is in the Air!!!

FIRST: I called Tufts after 12 o'clock today and they were closed so I couldn't get an update on the Coopers. Once I get one I will let you know the outcome.

We started off birding bright and early this morning and one of the first things that struck us was the fact that there were not many birds out there at any of the places we went to. We knew they were around of course, but couldn't hear them and they appeared to be in hiding. But where they really?

The picture above is of a Tree Swallow on top of a nest box. There were quite a few nest boxes at this location and all were being guarded by Tree Swallows. There were a few Bluebirds around as well trying to claim one as their home but I am afraid they may not be successful as I don't see them standing up to the swallows.

Here is another shot of Tree Swallows at another location. If I didn't know any better I would think they were gazing into each others eyes. ;o)

The two herons were quiet as they perched on the nest together. This is the first time I have seen them both in the nest at once.

This chickadee didn't say a word as it was far too busy for singing. It was gathering material for its nest. Speaking of chickadee nests we did see a chickadee nest in another location right near a very busy road. Weird.

Two Downy Woodpeckers on the same snag. What makes this even more odd is I believe they are both female based on the pictures I took. I couldn't see red on either of their crowns.

Lousy photo of one of the woodpeckers going into its nest. Yup, love is certainly in the air and it explains why it was so quiet today.

Speaking of love I saw my first Yellow Rumped Warbler today. LIFER!! I have found my new favorite little bird for the month of April. It was so active while I was there and didn't' even seem to notice me as it went about its business. Lousy photos but check out those wings!

Check out those gorgeous eyes and the striking yellow on its wings.

I didn't' get any decent photos of its yellow rump but it was so nice to see. This is a very active warbler and behaved a lot differently than the Pine and Palm Warblers that I saw this week. Great warbler week for me that's for sure!

The Greater Scaup are still in Millbury and were even closer to us this time. It won't be long now before they leave unfortunately.

Lousy shot of a Spring Azure Butterfly. I thought birds were hard to get photos of but they are easy in comparison to these creatures that's for sure. A sure sign of spring which is quite welcome right about now.

And finally some wild flower. The person I birded with today told me what it was but I can't remember the name for the life of me. Very pretty though.


Ratty said...

All of these are very interesting to me. I've been seeing flashes of blue flying around. I think they're maybe tree swallows, because I get the impression that the color is a little off for bluebirds. The downy woodpecker is the only wild bird I've seen that I can tell the difference between male and female.

Kallen305 said...

Ratty, if they are flying around like crazy and won't stop than they are probably Tree Swallows. They are hyper little birds, that's fur sure. During the spring and summer you will see a lot of changes in the plumage (feathers) of male and female birds. In most cases, the male is always the most colorful. It takes a while to sort it all out, but makes hiking so much fun because you have things to look for while you are on the trails!

Ruth said...

I noticed Tree Swallows intimidating Bluebirds in competition for nesting boxes today as well. Our Tree Swallows outnumber our Bluebirds at least 100-1. Is the flower Hepatica? Looks like you had a good day.

Anonymous said...

I was checking to see if you heard about the Coopers...I am guessing a juve from those very yellow eyes. It's nice that you were able to help. It's like the double edged sword. Yeah..I can watch nests and birds and gee..some are going to die no matter what. I am still trying to come to terms with that. So far of 4 rescues only the baby robins survived. Two ducks and dove had to be euthanized. Not counting window strikes and pond retrievals which don't work out well. I just depressed myself. Anyway, I would love to see your life list on your side bar with dates if you have them. It would be fun to follow someone who can really get out and bird...Michelle

Anonymous said...

First Aid for an Injured Bird-From a wildlife rehabber. It's that time of year.

1. Have a small container ready. A pet carrier will work as it can't be pecked through by a woodpecker. You can use a paper bag or a laundry basket that is upsidedown. Nothing too large as that can be more frightening to the bird. Make sure that the bird has sufficient air by putting holes in the bag or by using the pet carrier.

2. Place a piece of cloth in the bottom. It should be cloth with no loops that the bird can get caught on or be able to eat. An old T-shirt or fleece shirt would work fine.

3. Put a couple of small twigs in the bottom of the bag. Perching birds need to perch as standing flat may put too much stress on their internal organs.

4. Gently pick up the bird with a pair of gloves and place it into your container. Clip the bag with a paper clip or closepin or close the pet carrier.

5. Place the container in a quiet place away from noise and especially pets as it needs time to recover.

6. Sometimes heat fights the shock and they come out of it. You can provide some supplementary heat by placing a heating pad on low setting covered with a towel under half the container. You can also use a hot water bottle or chemical heating device the same way. Never on the bird just near so he can get close to the heat or move away from it. If you aren't comfortable doing this - don't.

7. Wait one hour. Don't keep checking on the bird as that can cause more stress. It needs a quiet, warm place to overcome the recent shock.

8. After one hour, take the container outside to check on the bird. If the bird flies that is good. If he doesn't it may be the bag is too deep and you will need to help him out or lay the sack on its side. Or he
may not be ready.

9. If he isn't ready put him back in the dark, quiet place for another hour and try again. If he doesn't fly try a 3rd hour.

10. If he still doesn't fly contact a wildlife rehabilitator or you can try water.

11. The bird may be dehydrated so you can provide some water in this way:

Get water in a small container

Hold the bird in your hand

Use your other hand to dip your finger into the water

Put the drop of water that is now on your finger on the side of the beak

Do not put the water in the bird's mouth

He should tip his head back and get the water into his mouth and swallow.
If he doesn't - never mind.

If he does, do it again until he indicates he wants no more.
Never more than a drop at a time. Watch carefully

Don't let the water run into his nares (the nose holes at the top of the
beak - (The reason you never put water in his mouth is because there is a hole
in the back of his tongue that leads directly to the lungs. If you get
a chance look in a bird mouth and you will see it.)

12. Contact a rehabilitator Listing by state.

Bird World Blog said...

Great birding day!

Kelly said...

Wow...what a great morning of birding...and the Yellow-rumped Warbler is cute!!! I saw my first Northern Parula and Common Yellowthroat of the season...spring migration has begun. Yeah!

Chris said...

HI Kallen,
Yeh love is in the air, at least it looks like this in your post. For us, it has not started yet, only few birds are starting to pair!! It will come for sure.

Jayne said...

Congrats on your Yellow-rump! Love the tree swallows. :c) Love is definitely in the air.

Ginnymo said...

Isn't it neat to see all the birds at this time of year!! I can't wait to see the babies on all your blogs!! The only young ones I saw last year were the Cardinals but that was amazing to watch them. Great shots Kim!! Can't wait to hear about the hawk. Have a great day!!

Richard said...

Looks like you had a good birding day. Migration hasn't picked up here yet. No Butter Butts so far but probably in the next couple of weeks. Did see a couple of Swallows but the bugs aren't out yet.

Little Brown Job said...

That's a cracking shot of the Tree Swallow. Saw my first Swallow of the yesterday.

Deborah Godin said...

This is such an exciting time of year. And those are wonderful photos of all your new sightings. I'm heading for the Point as soon as the wind stops going sideways!

dAwN said...

looks like love is in the air!
congrats on another lifer>
you captured the colors of the swallow beautifully!

Smalltown RN said...

wow such fabulous photos...I love birding...but have difficulties identifying them...I have started my own bird blog showing birds that visit my property and surrounding area....I have put you on my blog list....I will be back!!

Shellmo said...

It's amazing that those 2 herons can fit in that nest! Great shot! You had a lot of nice bird pairs - the swallows and the woodpeckers!

Steve said...

Your Tree Swallows are very similar to our Barn Swallows, and they've just started turning up. That Yellow Warbler is stunning. You had a good day by the looks of it.

Heather said...

I really enjoy the photo of the pair of herons - they look so lovely together. I also just read your account of the Cooper's that smacked into your office building. So sorry to hear about that. I hope he's doing okay.
Oh, by the way, the flowers you showed here look like Bluets to me.


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