Friday, April 10, 2009

A Glimpse of Spring

We had a glimpse of spring today. I suppose you could call it a tease of sorts as it is supposed to go right back to winter like weather for the remainder of the weekend. I decided to take advantage of it and spend my day off birding instead of chores which was originally scheduled.

Song Sparrows were everywhere singing on tree tops.

Eastern Phoebes protecting their nest from me. I couldn't get any decent shots because I didn't want to get too close because they were obviously disturbed by my presence.

A Field sparrow sits in a tree.

Turkey Vulture in flight.

The goose from Hell challenges me to take one step closer. I went to the pond to look for Greater Black Backed Gulls, but found him instead.

A woodchuck along a path.

There were not that many birds out today so I practiced a little more with my micro photography. Buds I cannot identify.

Wild Mushrooms I can't identify. Where is Dawn when I need her. ;o)

And last but not least is a moth I cannot identify. HA!! It looks as if I may have to buy other guides besides those that pertain to birds. There was a lot to see today besides my feathered friends but I do hope they return soon. As I type this the clouds are starting to form in preparation for more rain that is expected to start tonight and last until tomorrow. How I long for May right about now.


Ratty said...

Another great series of pictures, each one with it's own unique personality. I've never seen a lot of these things before, so it's a treat for me. I've seen woodchucks, but they're some of my favorites.

We just got lucky with our weather. We were supposed to get cold again too, but that all changed in the last few days.

dAwN said...

Howdee Kim,
nice signs of spring!
You did better that I did least you saw one mushroom..I didn't find my morels..its raining now so maybe I will get another chance.
Your mushroom is what I would call LBM...little brown mushroom...which means I have no clue...Mushrooming is harder than birding...a gazillion different shrooms..I just concentrate on edibles...

I like the macro stuff you are doing...oh woe is me...I want one of those nice cameras but i want it to be tiny....some day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like you had another good day, Kim... Love the Song Sparrows and the Phoebe. About the moths, I would never spend my time trying to learn one from the other... But --that's just me!!!! I do want to know which Daffodil is which and which Tulip is which... SO--guess we all have our 'craziness' don't we???? ha

Have a Happy Easter.

Steve B said...

Okay...the goose from hell...I'm stumped.

Hey, nice TV!

Bird World Blog said...

Those are great pictures! I wish I could see so many birds in one day!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got that goose photo! We are having severe rain, hail and wind tonight. I hope you will have nicer weather for Easter.

Ruth said...

Love your Song Sparrow and your Pussy Willow catkins that are going into full flower.

Richard said...

Great pictures...even the ones labeled "LBM"....:-)

Ginnymo said...

Love those macro shots!! What a weird looking bug!! Ha! Great photos.

Amy said...

Ugh, sorry for your bad weather moving in. We're gettin' lucky this weekend, it should be clear both days. I love your singing Song Sparrow shot!

ShySongbird said...

Great photos Kim, lovely of the Pussy Willow and the fungi. We have dull weather, with a lot of rain yesterday, but supposed to improve tomorrow.

Chuck Dilmore said...

Beautiful pictures - as always!
I can appreciate what it takes to get these, but you make it look easy!

Nice, nice going!


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