Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peregrine Falcon Update-April 9, 2013

There'd be a change of plans during lunch today as I wanted to head to Leasville Pond for the reported Pied-billed Grebe but as always my meeting would run longer than scheduled which left me only a half hour to get outside until the next one so I decided to check up on the Peregrine Falcon's considering it's around the time they should already be nesting!  I'd make my way around the area and I'd see a falcon flying past the Bank of America building and toward the People's United building.

And the falcon would turn out to be the male who caught himself a Rock Pigeon for a little lunch.  Swoon!

Another picture where you can see the flying feathers of his prey better (which are the white things to the left of him).  I'd keep my eye on him hoping he was going to be a true gentleman and bring the plucked bird to the Mrs. in the ledge as that would raise the likelihood of her nesting in there when two of the construction workers at the site would stop what they were doing to find out what I found so interesting.  I'd point up to the male and one would nod their head in acknowledgement and the other be captivated by him as he had no idea there were falcons directly above him as he worked (in fact, I'd even let him see the bird through my bins).  I'd be happy for the encounter as I'd love to see the construction crew develop an interest in these birds as they have sets of eyes and are at that area all day so will see more than I will and then they can share their info with me of course!  ;-)

Anyhow, we'd be talking about the birds when suddenly off he'd fly with the bird in tow and over to the left of the building which is where I've always guessed they were nesting.  I'd excuse myself and navigate my way through traffic on foot and by the time I got to where he was headed he'd turn around and go back to where he originally was.  Doh!  The pigeon was no where to be seen so don't know if he stashed it or shared it but I'm taking it as a positive sign at this point!

Another positive sign is him being "on guard" looking out for competitors or predators.

While taking some time in between to preen of course!

I'd leave him standing guard and get back to the office to put in a call to Tom French to let him know it was probable she was on a nest and be thrilled to learn that Bill Davis has been in contact with People's United building management who are well aware the falcons are nesting which means they'll be able to access the area to do observation and hopeful banding if all goes well with the falcons!  I did find out one tidbit of info that has me a tad nervous which is building management is going to be doing renovations on the floor they are nesting at but Tom didn't seem too concerned as the plan is to cover the area she's nesting in with brown paper to make her feel more secure while the other area gets a makeover!  I can only imagine how it's going to be received by the female as she doesn't put up with much and have to admit I'm a little concerned for the workers as Tim the maintenance manager in my building told me how she once attempted to dive bomb him once when he was doing work on the ledge of the 446 Main Street building and both he and Juan (the maintenance man) ran as quickly as they could for cover as she meant business!

So that's it for this week.  Depending on my work schedule the plan is to get over there weekly to see what's going on.  I'm also going to reach out to Bill and share information with him hoping he'll do the same in return so I can share with all of you egg count, sexes of the chicks etc if nesting is successful so cross your fingers that it is!

Take care all.

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Dawn Puliafico said...

What's new with the PFs? I saw that Pittsburgh birds hatched 2 babies; one died. The other eggs are not hatching. Old mother..... Made me curious about Worcester.


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