Saturday, August 4, 2012

York, Maine 2012

I spent a couple of days at York, Maine which was the place to be late this week with the awful humid temps we're having.

The highlight of the trip would be seeing my niece as she and my sister and her husband were up from Washington DC so I don't see her as often as I'd like.

Such a sweetheart and was so happy to see her and play auntie for a couple of days!

And while I went there for family time, I did some birding here and there and took my camera where ever I went including the beach where the gulls were picnicking  right alongside the people, including the Herring Gull above.

Other gulls would try and get some of the crumbs as well including what I believe to be a juvenile Ring-billed Gull due to the dark bill (as well as the shape) and the small head.

Adult Ring-billed Gull

Adult Herring Gull loafing around

Herring Gull taking a bath

 Herring Gull drying off after bath!  ;-)

Lounging around and walking on the beach all day can be exhausting so we spent the nights eating and drinking to recuperate.  My beer of choice would be Blue Moon with a slice of orange which makes it so tasty!

 Dinner cooked by my brother in law.  Let me tell you those were the best ribs I've ever had!

Before dinner photo with my family including my son smack in the middle of the photo.

And after dinner.  As you can see, my family can eat so now you know where I get it from!  ;-)

After dinner we sat out on the porch oohing and aahing over the red moon as we consumed more Blue Moon of course!

The next day coffee would be badly needed so off we went along with the little diva above!

With a stop at the swings afterwards of course!

Mourning Dove spotted on the way back.  My niece LOVES birds and she'd be captivated by this bird.  I'd also have her saying the word "fee bee" after the Black-capped Chickadee which made my heart melt.  I see a future birder here seriously!

American Goldfinch with the ocean as the backdrop.  There's tons of thistle growing along the cliffs to the house so these birds spend a lot of time in the area much to my delight!

Side view of the porch of the house in Maine.

And of course I'd see more gulls on Friday including this very handsome Ring-billed Gull above.

And a Herring Gull stopping for a drink

A woman feeding the gulls just before sunset.

I'd get up early on Saturday and be on a mission to find some shore birds considering I hadn't seen any either Thursday or Friday so decided to go to a more secluded part of the beach which was nice as I was itching to get some long walking in.  I'd be thrilled to not only see the usual Sanderlings, but the Semipalmated Plovers including the one above.

I've fallen in love with these birds this year so it was a treat to see them smack out in the open without mad flats and grass to cover them.  I never realized how fast they walked till I saw them out on the beach.

They'd also be tame too which made for some half way decent photos with my beat up camera!

The always hyperactive Sanderlings!

Not the best photo but love it as it shows the size comparison between the SPP and the Sanderling.

Last photo.  Sorry for all the pics but I don't see these birds that often considering I live inland so take advantage of it while I can.  I'd spend 45 minutes watching the plovers and Sanderlings and loved every minute of it.  Such a treat!

And then I'd go back to see my beautiful niece who loves her bunny and kitty.  You so know I'll be on the lookout for a stuffed animal bird for her birthday with Black-capped Chickadee being top of the list as it was the bird that first got me into birding and she really loves the fee-bee song so it's fate!  ;-)

Now back to reality.  I have to admit I checked Rick's site a couple times  while on vacation and see there's a Great Egret that's been reported as well as Lesser Yellowlegs (both birds I need), so it appears as if late summer migration is started to pick up which makes me very happy as it's far too hot to do any serious hiking so now I have an excuse to stay local and add to my list!  ;-)

Take care all.

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