Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blue-winged Teal-Sterling Peat

I headed to Sterling Peat after work Tuesday in hopes for the three reported Blue-winged Teal.  I'd make way to an area where I could see quite a few puddle ducks and be very happy to find  two teal mixed in with some Mallards.

Not the best pictures but I didn't get any closer (despite them appearing tame), as I know it's a bird many are chasing and I didn't want to be the one to chase the birds away from the chasers! ;-).  Despite the quality of the photo note the "chalky blue" on the forewing (how the Peterson Guide refers to it) which I thought was the perfect name for the color I saw of the blue on the bird to the right who was kind enough to flash me its wings!

I'd spend some time really studying these birds and trying to differentiate them from how I see Green-winged Teal and besides the blue, I also noticed the size of the bill differed as well as the color as it appeared almost gray to me.  I also noticed the darker plumage on the back which I've never seen much on Green-winged Teal.

My new favorite Sterling Peat friend would nearby as I think it's the tamest Green Heron I've ever encountered which allowed me a couple of really decent shots!

What a handsome juve!

Walking right past me!  It was so close I'd wonder if it saw me but it did give me the "eyeball" here and there so guessing it did, but is probably so close to birders and people who fish so it doesn't play much attention to the human species. ;-)

Take care all.


Dawn Puliafico said...

Could you please give more detail about what and where Sterling Peat is?

Kim said...

Sterling Peat is in Sterling, MA off of Muddy Pond Road. If you have a GPS you can put this in for lat/long and it should get you there. You can pull off to the side and find a path that will bring you toward the pond. Head left af the path and pass a large mound of dirt near the left most part of the pond and continue. The teal should be in a small section of water toward the right. I recommend looking for the Mallards as that's where the teal were. Good luck!

Kim said...




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