Thursday, August 16, 2012

St Philips Cemetery, Grafton

I decided to go to St Philips Cemetery in Grafton this evening in another attempt for a Black-crowned Night-heron and would be happy to see a juvenile Great Blue Heron nearby to make for some decent photos despite the sun starting to set.

I'd get a little closer and catch it in hunting mode in attempt for a pre bed snack I'm guessing which I can totally appreciate as I'm fond of them myself!

Walking like an Egyptian!

While it had its bill open, it never did capture anything so off I went to the other side where the Green Heron's like to hang out most.

There would also be this very handsome juvenile Red-tailed Hawk near where the Green Heron's which was nice to see as it was darker than many of the other Red-tailed Hawks I've encountered lately.  I'd stick around until dusk but once again strike out on the Black-crowned Nigh-heron so it's now on the official nemesis list right alongside the Black Vulture.  I'm not seeing any reports of these birds on Rick's Site so wondering if numbers are down this year or if I'm just striking out in general on this bird.  Despite striking out on the bird, it was still nice to get out and do some birding nearby.

Take care all.

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