Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peregrine Falcon Update-2nd Juvenile Confirmed & Fleged

It's been a busy couple of days in downtown Worcester.  I would spend yesterday doing some part time detective work trying to figure out whether or not the Peregrines had another chick at the nesting site as things just weren't adding up on the female's recent behavior and her reluctance to leave the nesting site. So first thing yesterday morning I stopped at the library to see if I could get answers.  I'd take a look over at Notre Dame and see the Juvenile on top of the cross so it appears as if all that flying practice paid off, HA.  But besides that there would be nothing new.

I'd head out again before lunch and the male would be on top of the City Hall Tower and looking toward one of this favorite perching spots which in my opinion is one of the nicest looking buildings in downtown Worcester so can understand the attraction.

I'd get my bins on the building and look around and then I'd see why dad was so fixated on it.

And this would be the reason.  The juvenile Falcon was able to fly all the way from Notre Dame to this building which I thought was ironic considering its one of the adult male's favorite loafing spots in the off season.

After a while the male would fly over to the juvenile to see how it was doing.  I wasn't able to get a really good look at the two due to the distance but I do know dad didn't have any food in his bill so I'm guessing what we're seeing in the photo above is the male grooming the juvenile.  Let me tell you it was a heart warming moment to experience and yes I did say awe.  Is that not the sweetest thing?

I'd wake up this morning still bothered that I didn't see the other juvenile when I suddenly had an "aha" moment.  Hey, I wonder if I can see their nesting platform from the 24th floor to where I work?

So I'd make my way there first thing in the morning to find out!.  The nesting location is the top floor on the building to the right.  In the center is where the old Worcester Galleria used to be but now all that's left is a pile of rubble.  I'm still in awe they were able to nest there with all the commotion but they adapted it appears. In fact, the female has become kind of tame and laid back compared to season's past.

Anyhow, I'd get up there and who should I see?

That's right, the male!  Swoon and looking as handsome as I ever I should add.  So wish he was on the other ledge where I can get better pictures but I'm by no means complaining about the view I got.  After a few moments he'd fly off and hang out at City Hall so I went about my task of getting to the bottom of this peregrine puzzle.

And this is what I'd see.  Two vague shapes that resembled peregrines to me.  I would be shocked my camera could pick them up as its so far and the view you are getting is basically what I would see with the bins.

Okay, now time for a head count as I have two peregrines but it doesn't mean squat as I can confirm three so need four to make it official.

Male-check as he was still at City Hall

Female-Nowhere in sight

Juve-I'd make my way toward Notre Dame and realize I couldn't see the cross from my building so that would be a "no go" too.

I'd head downstairs for work feeling pretty confident that one of those falcons I was seeing was another chick as it didn't make any sense to me that the fleged juve would make its way back to the nesting platform so held out hope.

I'd head out again before lunch and the male would be on top of my building again and the female on her new favorite chill spot and then something would catch my eye and this is what I'd see.

I'd then haul butt to Notre Dame to make sure the other juve was there and sure enough it was.  HA! I'd think!  I knew I heard two chicks a couple of weeks ago!  I can't tell you how reassured I was as I felt uneasy giving a report to Rick's site using just my ears as your ears can do funny things, especially with all of the traffic, construction and other noise that plagues any downtown location so I was very happy to see my ears were right for a change!

After a while the bird would start moving and I'd feel my chest tighten up.  It would then spread its wings and I'd hold my breath as a wave of anxiety would take hold.  Holy shit, it's going to fledge right onto Front Street.  I'd look around for area buildings it could land and there wouldn't be any which would cause me even more panic.  It was hot out to begin with but at this point I'd be sweating bullets and after about 5 additional minutes of watching it, I knew I'd be better off going back to the office as it was obvious everything was okay based on the adult female who wasn't even paying attention as she was still in her spot, plus I had a lot of work to do which was adding to the anxiety (a vicious cycle I tell ya!).

I'd go back out at 2 and see a juvenile on a different cross than the cross where one was earlier and couldn't see the other juve or the parents so not sure which one this is but by the time I got over there the other chick had fledged so who knows.

I'd go back up to the 24th floor in search for other chicks or either adult on the top floor to People's United and wouldn't see any of them so I'm not sure if there are any other chicks this year or just these two but will keep everyone updated as I get more info.

And last a  picture closer to home.  I have a few American Robins in and around my yard but the male above is my favorite.  He loves my garden and spends a lot of time near it where he sings his heart out for me.  His favorite perching spot is a pitch fork I have stuck in the ground and he craps all over it, but I don't care as I'm now using the spare as the other is his as far as I'm concerned.  Every evening at about 7:30 or so he joins in on the Robin chorus and listens to his neighbors singing.  He has his own version of the robin song and after intent listening he waits for the other robins to stop and then he sings his verse, when he stops the male robin next door sings back which I find fascinating as it's something I'd never noticed before.  Since the other robins nest next door they will sometimes come to my yard for food and the male gets right up on the pitchfork and starts singing with a lot more tuts and whinny's with his tail wagging but he won't go over and drive them out of the yard.  Last week the neighboring male came nearby and both had a sing off as I watched and listened.  I was the judge and of course he was the winner hands down!  Despite how common these birds are it doesn't make them any less beautiful as he's a stunner in my eyes.

Now off to eat some fruit and chill. Just got the book The Big Year and it's so hot out there this evening I'm going to park myself in front of the fan and read my book and not move except to turn the pages.

Take care all

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