Thursday, June 21, 2012

And then there were Three

That's right everyone three as in three juvenile Peregrine Falcon's in downtown Worcester.  Of course I wouldn't find this out until the afternoon as I finally thought I was through with my juve count so imagine my surprise when I decide to check on all the falcons after lunch this afternoon.  I'd regret my decision as soon as I stepped out of my building as the oppressive heat suffocated me like a hot blanket.  I rarely go outside if I'm downtown in temps like we're currently having as it's like a concrete jungle out there with too much concrete and not enough trees so the heat remains trapped and the only way you can escape it is to be indoors.  I was curious about the juvenile that fledged yesterday though so figured I could brave the heat and see if I could spot it.  I'd make my way toward the People's United building and look up and assume I was looking at the female in her usual spot.  I'd get my binoculars on it and realize it was a juvenile. Hmmm...Could it be the one yesterday that I thought fledged but must have had a change of heart?

I'd take a good look at it and was thrown by its size because this one looked much larger than the one I saw yesterday.  I figured it was my mind playing tricks on me and headed back to the office and the air conditioning.

I'd get over by City Hall and something would catch my eye and that something would be the other juvenile Peregrine Falcon.

I'd gawk at it for a bit and then run upstairs to show one of my co-workers and we'd search for it from the office window.  We'd finally locate it and I'd wonder why it looked so much smaller from where I was compared to the street view.  We'd look at it for a while and then I'd head back to my office in an attempt to get some work done.  I'd go back out there about 20 minutes later and could see a falcon still on the ledge and this time the bird would look big again.  Wow, this heat's getting me worse than I thought I'd think but then I entertained the possibility of there being two so off I went to the 24th floor so I could see the entire ledge to City Hall.

Where I'd find one to the left of the tower.
And the smaller of the two would be to the right!

Little buggers I'd think. Of course I'd put two and two together and realize the one on the ledge would be juve number three so from the 24th floor I'd get my bins on that one just to reconfirm my previous confirmation.
And this is what I'd see and looking like its ready for takeoff. Yup there are three allright so would go downstairs and call Tom from Fish and Wildlife to give him yet another revised number.

Before I left work for the day, I'd go up to 24 one more time to do my last headcount and the two juves at City Hall would still be there.

And this time huddled together in what little shade there was trying to escape the heat.  I'd watch them for a bit and get all wishy washy wondering if the larger juvenile heard its sibling crying over at City Hall so flew over from wherever it was to keep it company.  I've been reading the recent  posts over at MassBird about how humans emotionalize nature vs the other creatures who inhabit it so not sure if I romanticize some of my birding observations based on what I think as a person but seeing those two together like that and the male grooming the juvenile a couple of days ago, I do think bonding and love does go on between birds as I've been very fortunate to witness it first hand and feel its a privilege.  I'd do one more scan of the juve on the ledge who would still be there but looking toward City Hall. My human and emotional guess is it's lonely without its siblings and will be with them by the time I make it into work tomorrow morning.

On a separate note, I didn't see either adult today.  They could be in hiding or they could have decided to head to Lake Quinsigamond for a picnic lunch and some much needed rest and I can't say that I blame them as trying to keep track of them all has left me exhausted!

Now I await for this awful heat spell to break. It's so hot out there this evening the only bird I'm hearing is the mocker singing up a storm over near the mailbox. 

 My blackberries are all ripening and it's too hot to make jam or cook with them so decided they would make the perfect dinner paired with some vanilla ice cream.

Take care all

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