Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birds & Butterflies Display at the Worcester Public Library

I decided to head to the Worcester Public Library this morning on my way for tea to take a look at the Birds & Butterflies display and get some pictures for sharing.

I'd get there and of course the first thing to catch my eye would be the Forbush Bird Club display (check out the scope which I thought was cool!)

And of course the Birds of Massachusetts & Other New England States book by Edward Howe Forbush himself.

Along with other publications of Forbush along side a very familiar book to many, The Chickadee!

There'd be plenty of art work on display as well including my favorite of them all, this lovely Barn Swallow painting.  I've developed quite the fondness for these birds this year as they've made good company while birding in the rain over at South Main so this was a treat to see.

And the always handsome Green-winged Teal.  This picture doesn't do this art  justice as the glare was so bad.

And one of my favorite May Quabbin birds the Blackburnian Warbler looking as gorgeous as ever.

And now onto the butterflies which is something I'm finally ready to learn as I'm woefully ignorant.  I didn't even try to figure them out my first three years of birding as I was still trying to get my arms around learning bird identity but have slowed down since then and am noticing and appreciating them more so would like to at least get the basics.  The chart above shows the diversity we here in New England have when it comes to these beautiful insects.

Another clever display that was interesting as well as it shows some of the prime places to see butterflies in Massachusetts.

Another display.

One of my favorite displays which were these plates alongside ID's.

And more art work and photography.

Seriously my pictures didn't do the display justice as there's so much to see and read but needed to head back to work.  If you are in the downtown Worcester area and would like to see this for yourself it is available for viewing until end of the day Thursday, June 27th.

I'd step out of the library and my eyes would instinctively look at the ledge the Peregrines nested at and I'd see this.

 Oh No, not again!, I'd think..  Seriously, tracking the juves this year has been challenging and exhausting so the thought of there being one more was too much to bear considering the others are all over downtown Worcester which would make a head count unimaginable.  I'm thinking perhaps the Mrs is taking a break and was very happy to see her looking better than she did last week.

I'd get back to work and be in deep concentration when suddenly I could hear a call I long for which were the calls of the Peregrines in flight.  I tripped over myself to get my binoculars and camera from my bag and this is what I'd see.

There'd be 4 in total but they were so quick I was never able to get them all in the same photo.

They'd continue to call as they dived down and up near the glass tower which caused me a mixed reaction of awe and dread as I held my breath trying to get some half way decent pictures of them.

I'd watch as they made their way toward the Unum building and be happy seeing them fly and doing it so well.  Watching them soar and dive like that made me realize this is the thing the Peregrine Falcon was born with the knowledge to do as their survival depends on it.  I'd watch them fade away and go back to my number crunching which is what I do to survive and pay my bills wishing I could fly like that- if only for an hour.

Take care all

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