Sunday, September 12, 2010

What else but birding Sterling Peat & Trail Running of course

What else but Sterling Peat yet again of course. I feel as if my entire blog bird wise has been nothing but SP lately, but I'm not complaining much as its super convenient and always guarantees a life bird for me lately and today would be no exception as I went to go see the Little Blue Heron that Mike P discovered and Alan was kind enough to send out an email to let everyone know.
I would get there and Mike P would already be on the bird with his fancy camera and I am sure he got some great shots as the Little Blue would be fairly close but decide to fly to the other side with the Great Egrets so off we went to follow. Love the shot above as it looks as if the Egret is telling the heron to stand back or something like that.
And now its time for the immature Little Blue to spread its wings. Such a treat to see it compared to the Great Egrets for a size comparison.
The birds version of monkey in the middle!
And now for a little Where's Waldo!
Eventually Tom P and Richard J would show up and Tom's super sharp eyes would spot a White-rumped Sandpiper in the midst of shorebirds so I was very happy to not only get the Little Blue this morning, but a FOY White-rumped Sandpiper too.
Another photo as I just couldn't help myself. Great bird to get and I remember this being one of the birds I had on my "I just have to see" list when I first started birding, so once again Sterling Peat is a great way to start my week.
Yesterday would be my day for a long trail run. My goal was 10-11 miles, but my ITB band protested loudly after 9 miles which was frustrating as I have been nursing injuries all week and thought they had finally subsided. Anyhow, I decided to try a trail that would be easy with no hills, summits or rocks and figured the Wachusett Rail Trail would be perfect. I would get there early and there would only be a couple of runners and hikers so I got into my groove rather easily and it felt fantastic after not really being able to run much this past week. I had never seen the Quinapoxet River before and was very impressed with the clarity of the water (obviously it has to be that way as it's a drinking source for many), but still wasn't prepared for it as I am used to the Blackstone River around here and as many of you know that is just filthy.
Anyhow, the once serene rail trail would become over crowded with TONS of people and the solitude I craved somehow disappeared as I had to try and run around walkers, moms with baby strollers and people out waking their dogs who of course have to stop smack in the middle of the trail so their dog can smell the other dogs while the people talk about their dogs and it was pure hell. I finally decided to just run toward a single narrow trail I found and was happy I did as this tiny trail goes all around the river and no one was on it so I was happy for a short period of time.
There would be pockets of birds all around and I could hear one in particular that made me stop dead in my tracks for some serious pishing while I had my camera out. I had no bins but my camera was in focus and suddenly I could see this little cutie peeking out at me and my heart did its usual "pitter patter, pitter patter" whenever I am lucky enough to see a Northern Parula looking at me. I don't know what it is about this particular warbler, but they have I think one of the most thoughtful gazes of any of the warblers I see. My heart turns to jello whenever I see one and today would be no exception. Thee would also be a bunch of Black-capped Chickadees, a couple Tufted Titmice, a lone Red-eyed Vireo and what I believe to be a Nashville Warbler but couldn't confirm it as I didn't have my bins and it was too quick for a photo.

Will be doing some hawkwatching later this week as I have Wednesday to next Sunday off an can't wait.

Take care all.


Susan W. said...

What a glorious sight! Lovely pics, too.

Larry said...

That is a productive spot up there. Nice shot with all the white herons and egret together for comparison


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