Monday, September 27, 2010

Pereginre Falcon Update-Kind of

There are certain things one can always be certain of in downtown Worcester, when it gets above 50 degrees with sunshine, lunch hour is filled with office folks escaping from the office lined up at Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee, the police are out in front of city hall from 1:30 to 3:30 to make sure all of the youngins don't get into fist fights while waiting for their bus, and when it rains out, the male Peregrine Falcon will be on the ledge of the BankNorth building in an attempt to escape the dreary weather as he just doesn't like to get wet.
And today would be no exception so of course I had to take a picture and look at him for a while with my binoculars to make sure he looked okay which he always does, but I still do it anyway as an excuse to gawk at him which I never tire of.

The Misses spends a lot of time over at her nest box and just chills and watches the downtown hustle and bustle now that her parental responsibilities are over with for the season. I do keep my eye out for the juveniles and either they are laying low or their biological clock told them it was time to venture south for more agreeable weather and off they went. I should note that I did see one 10 days ago on the steeple of city hall. I could see a falcon landing on the top and could tell it was one of they young falcons due to how large it was in comparison to the adults so it's obvious if has learned how to hunt well during the summer which made me feel better. Funny though in that while it was flying to the ledge it looked kind of clumsy in flight as its wing beats just didn't seem as fluid compared to the adults so I guess it's still learning that part of raptor life.

Take care all.


Robin Robinson said...

REally cool. Make me almost want to move to the city. NOT. Great photos, though.

troutbirder said...

I've alway really enjoyed your peregine falcon pics and updates. Now a new blog! Well good luck with that. I have a similar experience, eventually wanted to go beyond my nature blog and thus added Troutbirder II as an avenue for my other interests especially books, movies, etc. :)


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