Friday, September 24, 2010

New blog in addition to this one.

I've been a blogger now for close to two years and have loved every minute of it as it's a perfect way for me to chronicle and follow certain aspects of my life that I deem recordable and things I want to remember and the blog has allowed me to do that. With that said, I've spent those two years blogging about something very important to me which has been birding and that will be something I will continue to blog about as my love for birds will never fade due to the birds and nature being a central part of who I am and will never lose site of that. With that said, trail running has also become a central part of who I am and really wanted to create a journal of some sort to record my workouts, the trails that I have run and other musings related to my trail running adventures and other physical pursuits and hence the blog. I would have felt weird putting these types of posts on my bird blog as I want to keep that only bird related and will continue to update whenever I get out there to do some birding and something memorable happens, but right now in my life, my trail running is taking priority which is just as well with winter looming near. I have some short term goals including my first official trail run which will take place in October in Groton, I am also going to start doing some snow shoe running up North and around the area in hopes I can do one of Bob Dion's 5k races if we are lucky enough for snow as well as continue to increase my pace for my longer term goals which are trail half marathons, Pack Monadnock's race in June, the Wapack Race in October and if all goes well my first trail marathon before the end of next year.

Link to new blog:

For those of you who follow the Curious Birder, fear not as I will still blog like I said, but I needed to start a new blog which will allow me to track some of the day to day stuff I am doing in regards to my new found sport that I love so much. The birds will always continue to enchant me on the trails, in my car and when I am out birding, I just won't be blogging as much as my camera is too bulky to run with. I do make sure I take frequent stops whenever I am running a trail if I see a pocket of birds to see if I can id them, but without a camera for pictures, I feel weird blogging about it, so some of that will lesson for the time being.

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