Friday, November 2, 2012

Worcester County Migration 1st Two Weeks of November

I've been real busy the last half of this week but wanted to do a quick post for migration the 1st two weeks of November so pardon the unfancy charts as my macros are acting up and don't have time to tweek them.  I figured I'd start with waterfowl considering that's still what's most abundant as you can see above.

Rouge table of Loons and Grebes and as you can see there's still time.
Next are shorebirds and gulls and as you can see you can still get a Black-bellied Plover (well except for me and Alan), but your best best is the 1st week of November.  Gulls start coming in too, but not in large numbers yet.

Warblers and sparrows and not sure if any of you have seen Marshall's Massbird report on many warblers being reported on the coastlines, but I'd notice it myself through my "Rare Bird Reports" through eBird so keep your eyes open because you never know.  Fox Sparrows start showing early November too so hoping I get lucky this weekend as I still need one for the year.

Next are my most sought after birds at the moment which are finches.  NOTE:  I'm done with March numbers from Rick's site but have to audit them so look for a forecast of these boreal birds from November to March sometime in the next week or so.  I may also use five years worth of data as well from eBird now that they've opened the data tables back up to the general public.  Also look for an owl forecast too that I'm working on right now all through eBird.

And last but not least an anniversary of sorts for K Allen or rather Kim Allen aka Moi!  I'd be going through the archives and see my first post ever to Central Mass Bird sightings and would by lying if I didn't say I blushed just a little as everyone knows Eastern Bluebirds do NOT normally come to a feeder unless you offer meal worms or your'e lucky enough to have them come to pre made suet.  HA!

I vividly remember writing that post and how nervous I was because I'm kind of shy believe it or not.  You don't see it when I write but I am until you get to know me.  I'd be very shy introducing myself to the local birding community as I was in awe of the network.  I'd be introduced to it through Sheila and Tom's blogs which I found through other non local bird blogs and be amazed one could find birds in other places besides their back yards as their blog posts demonstrated.  Motivated by their adventures I had one of my first non backyard birding trip to St Philips and it would be then I'd get my life bird the bluebird.  ;-).

Little did I know that one post would lead to others and an introduction to a very dear friend of mine Alan who would read my blog and take pity on me as I was a newbie without a clue which would be evident when I was looking for my most sought after bird the Common Redpoll in pine trees!  Alan would reach out to me like he does many new birders and offer to show me some local spots for birds with the first stop being the local cemetery for an Eastern Phoebe and I'd be amazed he'd find one in less than five minutes as I was searching for one myself a few days before hand and always struck out and we've been birding buddies ever since.  Since that time, I've seen so many special birds and met so many wonderful people and despite birding sometimes going on the back burner due to burnout or family obligations, I always go back as I honestly believe once birding gets into your soul, it's there forever which I consider a blessing and a gift.  It's a special anniversary indeed.

Take care all.

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