Saturday, November 10, 2012

Loafing Around on a Saturday

I decided to head to Wachusett Meadow's today in hopes for some Evening Grosbeaks as I've seen reports of them there the past week so was hoping I'd get lucky so off I went.

Bird activity would be light at the feeders with no grosbeaks in sight but my eye was drawn to a Blue Jay near the feeder who I watched wondering what it would do next.

Which would be to attempt to get it's big honkin body on the dainty feeder for a little breakfast!!  Seeing this would make me wonder if the Blue Jay's at home found the peanuts I put out for it before I left.

I'd make my way to the Chapman Trail to do the hike to Wachusett and back and be happy to see a nice Fox Sparrow which would make me wonder if the Fox Sparrow in my yard I saw yesterday was still around and discovered all the wild bird seed I put out for it once I realized it was there and ran to the grocery store to find food more to its liking.

I'd finally make it to Chapman and would hear a bird call that sounded very much like a Bohemian Waxwing so stopped to figure out where it was coming from figuring it wasn't out the question as I'd had Cedar Waxwings just a few short minutes before hand.  Of course the calling would stop and after waiting for a bit I'd hear it again coming closer to the Glacial Trail so off I went to investigate! The bird would go silent at this point and I'd see no bird activity what so ever so make my way back down the trail which was slippery and I'd take a nice spill right then and there.  Suddenly thoughts of my hike to Wachusett didn't sound wise and I'd kick myself for not thinking before hand and bring either my microspikes or trek poles as if I was slipping here, I can only imagine what I'd be doing once I hit the rocky part of the Harrington Trail near the summit.   It would also be here that I'd realize my heart was never in the hike as my mind kept going back to my yard and the birds that were in it.  I'd make a quick U-turn back to my car with thoughts of baking bread and watching birds taking hold which added a little more spring to my step.

And the birds would be there to greet me once I made it including one of the few Pine Siskins feeding from the tree stump I put seed on.

And the many Song Sparrows who live across the street but come here for an easy meal.

And the few Northern Cardinals including the ones who nested somewhere around my yard this past season who are always around due to their obsession with the Yew Berries I have growing in my yard that are as red as they are.

And of course the American Goldfinch's who still look as handsome as ever.

As you can see in the photo above.

The White-throated Sparrow's would be out in full force as well and gobbling up the wild bird seed I put out earlier in the day.

As well as the always numerous Dark-eyed Juncos who'd be giving me their seal of approval over the new platform feeder I have that I kept close to the ground.

One of the four Mourning Doves who spend their time in my nearby tree when they're not eating the spilled seed.

Oh and the Blue Jay's did indeed find my gift of peanuts as well as the large striped sunflower seeds I buy just for them!

The Mrs enjoying a little lunch.

And of course what back yard feeding station doesn't have the regulars like the Black-capped Chickadees' and the Tufted Titmouse above.  One weird thing since I filled my feeders last Saturday are no Downy Woodpeckers so I moved my suet cage closer.  I have the real suet too but haven't put any out yet from the freezer  as I don't do it until it gets cold enough for it to not spoil so hoping that will draw them to the feeders more.

The White-breasted Nuthatch above and Carolina Wrens appreciate the store suet though!

And the many House Finch's who flock to this feeder every year I put it up which is a PITA to clean with it being wood but do so every month to prevent disease, especially when you have finch's coming to your feeder.

And I saved the best for last.  Not only a FOY but a new yard bird for me this very handsome Fox Sparrow above.  I'ts been in my yard off and on all day and I believe when it's not eating- it's in my blackberry brambles.  Fascinating bird to watch as they are a lot more sluggish than the white-throats.  Also funny to see it scratching in the leaf litter as they do it with a lot more gusto than any other sparrow I've ever seen!  The other interesting thing I'd notice is it's not only skittish of me, but the other birds as well and will only come out to eat when it's not as crowded with other birds.  I'm totally loving feeding the birds this year with this handsome devil and the Pine Siskins who've been here for a couple of days.  Hoping others come around too with Evening Grosbeaks and Common Redpoll's being top of the list of course!

Of course I'm not the only one who enjoys watching the birds from my kitchen so often have company.  Let me introduce you to Groucho who is just about to get scolded for being on the counter instead of the stool I've given him for watching the birds.  Groucho was a feral cat when I found him and is afraid of just about everything including birds (Blue Jay's in particular).  He is now very happy as an indoor cat where nothing car harm him except his own imagination and paranoia he still has from his time in the wild!  ;-)

And while the birds were busy eating, I'd be busy cooking including the bread I thought about earlier (to go with some of my blackberry preserves canned this past summer) as well as green bean casserole and a roasted chicken and ham which will go perfectly with my new beer of the moment Harpoon Winter Warmer which is delicious in my humble opinion.  ;-)

Take care all.

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Dawn Puliafico said...

Love that Fox Sparrow! And your meal looks delish!


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