Friday, September 7, 2012

Life Bird! American Golden-Plover Route 56 Overlook

Alan and I would head back out to the Route 56 Overloook at the Worcester Airport in Leicester this early evening in hopes of getting the American Golden-Plover Rick had found the evening prior.  Steve was already there when we arrived and he'd tell us not only were the two Buff-breasted Sandpipers around, but a Northern Harrier was there earlier in the day as well which is a bird I still need so was feeling optimistic even if we didn't get the AGP!

Mark, Sheila and Susan would all arrive shortly after we did in hopes for the plover as well but all that would be seen were the Buff-breasted Sandpipers, a couple of Savannah Sparrows and of course the many Killdeer feeding and flying over head whenever a plane flew nearby.

There'd be other birds around including a very large flock of European Starlings and two American Crows Alan had spotted with one of them being very unique due to the white symmetrical spots on each side of the bird which you can somewhat see in the lousy photo above.

Mark and Sheila decided to head over to the runway to the airport as they've had the American Golden-Plover there before and soon enough we'd hear a bird that sounded very plover like and a few seconds after that Steve would find the American Golden-Plover!

Alan would get the scope on it to allow us a really good look at it and for the life of me I couldn't get a decent digiscoped photo of it with my camera so out came Alan's for the photo above which would be the most decent one either of us got.  Alan would then call Mark and Sheila to let them know we had the plover!  They'd arrive back and tell us they heard it calling from where they were and were just about to call us to tell us to be on the lookout for it when Alan's call came in which we all thought was funny.  Seriously, don't know how the "old timers" birded without cell phones as it makes birding so much more efficient! ;0).

And as we were all "oohing and aahing" over the plover, wouldn't you know both the Buff-breasted Sandpipers would be so close to us we could see them naked eye but it would take us a while to realize it as we were so captivated by the plover.  The sun was starting to set so the only picture I could manage was the lousy shot above which is unfortunate due to how close they were and with better lighting I would have gotten much better pictures.

All in all a great way to start the weekend as I haven't had a life bird in a couple of months now.  I'm still striking out on the Black Vulture despite trying for it before work every day so this was just the thing I needed.  This weekend will be operation Black Vulture to finally get the bird which has been my nemesis the entire year!

Take care all.

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