Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buff-breasted Sandpiper-Route 56 Overlook, Leicester

Alan called me after work today to tell me Bart had called him to let him know he had a Buff-breasted Sandpiper at the Route 56 Overlook in Leicester and suddenly the thought of getting the Black Vulture Alan had in Millbury earlier in the day went on the back burner and off I went with him to see if we could get it.  It would be nice to get out there and "chase" considering I was in bed all of last week and this past weekend due to allergies just as severe as this past spring so I'm crossing my fingers that the rain has washed away my allergies for the rest of the fall as it really puts a damper in my birding and getting outdoors so was happy I was feeling good today so off I went!

We'd get there and Mark and Sheila would be there already and it wouldn't take long for Mark to spot it in an area with quite a few Killdeer.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any decent photos of the bird given the distance but was happy to get it just the same.

Despite the lousy shots you can still tell that this is a very handsome bird!

My last lousy shot.

And the best picture would be taken by Alan who digiscoped the photo above.  So cute!  The bird would be hanging out with the large flock of Killdeer when we could hear a plane coming so were wondering how all the birds would react.

And of course the birds would take off naturally.  They'd fly back to the general area they were at shortly afterwards which was nice as Kevin had come for it too and Alan already had the scope on it for an easy FOY for Kevin!

Next on the list is the Black Vulture in Millbury.  I was going to try for it after work today but given my luck with this nemesis bird, I figured I'd do better with the Buff-breasted and was happy I did.  Of course I have work the rest of the week but will be on look out for in none the less as I've been telling Alan all year that I'd get my life Black Vulture in Millbury as I could sense it and I always trust my intuition!  ;-)

Take care all.


Black Cat Gardening said...

Do you know where the Puffin restaurant is in Millbury? There's a large dead evergreen almost directly across the street from it. I've spotted a group of turkey vultures hanging out in the tree on the way home from work multiple times now (4pm-ish). Your friend may be hanging out with them.

Larry said...

Always nice to find a Buff breasted...

Kim said...

Thanks Black Cat Gardening. That's the tree I'm going to every morning and still can't get it! I'm still looking and will let you know if I luck out at some point. Larry, I never tire of the Buff-breasted Sandpipers believe me. So sweet


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