Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wilson's Phalarope-Sterling Peat

Sterling Peat appears to be the place to be this August as "you never know what you're gonna get" and yesterday would be a doozy (think chocolate caramel) when I checked my driod to see an email coming in from Fran letting me know that Tom had spotted a Wilson's Phalarope at Sterling Peat so of course I had to try and see it as they are not all that common here in Worcester County so I decided to once again put off my housework and head off to Sterling Peat !

When I got there, Fran would already be on the bird but just as I arrived it decided to take off to the other side with various other shorebirds. It wouldn't take long for it to make a re appearance and I was happy I was able to ID it rather quickly amongst the Lesser Yellowlegs, but it wouldn't be hard to pick out as it clearly had a lot more white than the yellowlegs and the bill shape also made you do a double take.
The bird appeared to feel most comfortable amongst the Lesser Yellowlegs and Least Sandpipers and all would be fairly quiet most of the time as they all foraged for food and so absorbed in their task, they didn't pay any attention to us as we moved around trying to see them at a better angle. The Lesser Yellowlegs in the photo above, looks so docile and gentle don't you think?
Hanging out with the others. WHY couldn't there be a Semipalmated Sandpiper in this group, why????
But the gentle and docile Lesser Yellowlegs would not remain that way for long as it took great pleasure in bullying the Phalarope, which made for a good show, but would drive the it over to the other side much to our dismay. Check out the Solitary Sandpiper on the right who appears to be annoyed by the disturbance. So funny!
Taking flight just over to the other side. We waited a while and after realizing it wasn't coming back anytime soon we decided to go to the other side to see if we could see it again. While there we would see Bart come along hoping to get the bird and Bart would re spot it on the side we had just came from of course. The Glossy Ibis is still there as well as all of the Least Sandpipers and even a Greater Yellowlegs and Pectoral Sandpiper thrown in for good measure.
And of course the Great Egret who doesn't look as if it has any intention of leaving anytime soon. I was very happy that the Wilson's decided to stick around as it's a fantastic bird to get. Seriously, Sterling Peat has turned into a gold mine this year and today would be another day I would get another LIFER so it was a good way to end the day.
Photo by Edd Cote

Speaking of Great Egrets, check out the photo of one taken by Edd Cote. He sent me an email with the title "Have you been looking for this" and it would be the infamous Great Egret of Millbury on Brierly Pond. Have I been looking for this??? HA, sit down Edd and let me tell you all about it. This is the egret I was looking for when I got attacked by all of those awful yellow jackets and I hadn't been back since, so it was nice to see such fabulous photos of it.
Photo by Edd Cote

Another picture. Very happy to be oohing and aahing over the bird in the comfort of my computer chair instead of attempting another try at the bird where I may get mauled by a bear or something. ;-)
Photo by Edd Cote

And last but not least, here it is hanging out with the goofy Peking Duck who is there all the time. Just another day at Brierly Pond!

Take care all.


Chris said...

HI Kim,
I can see that your birding list does not stop to grwo and that you are getting beautiful pictures of beautiful birds! Well done.

Chris Petrak said...

You've had some good sightings recently! I often miss Phalaropes during the year. I am jealous.


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