Sunday, August 15, 2010

Glossy Ibis-Sterling Peat

I was thrilled to have gotten a Facebook message from Kevin this morning telling me about a Glossy Ibis he had just seen at Sterling Peat and of course off I went to search for it as its a bird I have wanted to see for a while now but didn't think I would be this lucky. The funny thing about the whole thing was Alan and I were exchanging emails together yesterday talking about how cool it would be to get a Glossy Ibis at Sterling Peat and wouldn't you know one would show up today!
It didn't take me long to get there and see Gary and Anne who were already birding. I told them about the Ibis so off we went to find it and it didn't take long to find as it was out in the open in the middle after walking to the mid section of the mud flats that are now all over Sterling Peat.
Picture of it flying to the other side along side quite a few Least Sandpipers, Killdeer a couple of Lesser Yellowlegs and a Greater Yellowlegs as something had spooked them all, but we have no idea what it was as we didn't see any raptors flying around.
Here it is landing. Is this not a gorgeous bird of what!
I absolutely love the markings under its neck, but don't see any reference to it in my Peterson guide (and my Sibley's is at work) which I found odd is it was very obvious to me and stood out in many of the looks I had of it (perhaps a juve?).
While watching the bird, it spent the majority of its time searching for food and as you can see, it did a good job finding some.
Hoping all of the ample food makes the bird want to stick around some so others can see it, if they don't make it over there today.
Love this shot. HA, so funny to watch it eat.
My photos didn't come out spectacular, but I really liked this shot as it showed off the green the bird has in its plumage. A great way to start the week and thank you Kevin for the heads up! The highlight bird of the month for me without a doubt and a Lifer too which always makes it a little more special.
I was also hoping to find myself a Semipalmated Sandpiper because I don't have that this year yet, so searched amongst the Least with ones with black legs.
The only problem is that the Least Sandpipers legs can in fact look black due to mud buildup along the legs and here is an example on how they get their legs in that condition to begin with! Sigh, I had no luck getting a Semipalmated and even if I did, I wouldn't be 100% confident whether or not it was one to begin with as I am still so new (especially w/ shore birds), so am happy with just the Glossy Ibis as it was totally unexpected.
There were also the usuals there including these Lesser Yellowlegs who were fighting amongst one another.
And of course the Killdeer.
And another shot that didn't come out that great, but liked it just the same as it showed not only the Glossy Ibis, but a Great-blue Heron and of course the Great Egret in it as well. Sterling Peat has been so awesome this year which is nice because it means less driving for me vs. Bolton Flats which adds on another 10 minutes or so.

Take care all.


forestal said...

wonderful post Kim, love the pictures

Hilke Breder said...

Lucky you! Nice shots of the Glossy Ibis, Kim. I think the white markings on the neck show it's immature.


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