Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birding on a Chilly Sunday

I did some birding Sunday morning with Alan in an attempt to increase my January numbers up some as I've been slacking this month thus far due to work, cold weather, etc, so it was nice to get out there despite the frigid air. We had some target birds in mind including the Common Goldeneye that was seen at the Irish Dam in Shrewsbury (no picture though). Next it was onto the Worcester Airport in search for Snow Buntings and Horned Larks. A very impressive flock of buntings were seen and were nice enough to stick around briefly for me for a record shot before venturing off somewhere out of view.
Not that many Horned Larks to speak of, but did manage to spot these two by themselves. No idea where the others ventured off to as the last time I was there I saw about a half dozen or so.
Next it was onto Winnaumusett to search for both the Northern Shrike and Rough-legged Hawk. Within a few minutes of being there, we did manage to get the Northern Shrike as it flew into a tree. A few minutes later we saw it go by again and this time with what appeared to be a mouse in its bill. Couldn't find it after that due to the fact most likely that it was eating its breakfast under heavy cover.
Sadly no Rough-legged Hawk which was a bummer as it was my primary target bird for the day but there's always next time! I did manage to get a shot of what appears to be bird tracks and a bird impression on the snow which I thought was pretty cool though!

Take care all!


Robert Mortensen said...

I love the birdprint in the snow photo!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love that last picture.Perfect wing imprints.

matthew houskeeper said...

That bottom photo of the tracks is really impressive.

Marvin said...

Could it be an avian attempt at making a snow angel? Cool!

troutbirder said...

Very nice posts and closeups. I can't believe find 40 in January. Maybe I need to get out more often in the cold! :)

Rich said...

I sure hope you have good weather for the weekend!!! The wing print was interesting.

Samuel said...

Good pictures of the larks!


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