Monday, July 8, 2013

Closeup's of one of the Juvenile Downtown Worcester Peregrine Falcon's 2013

I'd be in number hell at work a little after lunch today with a bad case of eye strain so I'd be more than happy to see Tim from building management appear at my door to tell me one of the juvenile Peregrine Falcon's was on top of our building.  It would be then I'd remember I forgot my camera so grabbed my Droid hoping for the best!

He'd look at us with I believe the sweetest face I think I've ever seen on a falcon before (I know I say that every year but this time I'm serious!).  He didn't squack, or move or even look nervous but rather look at us in a deep way to try and figure out just what the hell we were!

After studying these birds over the years-each and every one has their personalities and of all the falcon's I've seen so far this one would major in philosophy at Oxford University as he seemed so deep which made me a tad uncomfortable as I thought he may be sick or something.  Where was the squacking, the glaring and all the other things these birds are known to do?

He even looked at his foot as if he were trying to philosophize it!

And us too for that matter!

Teasing me as he knew I didn't have my camera and am awful taking pictures with my Droid with no glasses on as I can't see what I'm photographing and was zoomed in too close as you can see!

Despite the disadvantage I managed some half way decent shots!  Once again look at the deep thought going on in his eyes.  I'm a sucker for brainiac's-Swoon!

Last one just as he was thinking of fleeing the stalker!  The highlight of my month so far.  Work's been so crazy I'm lucky to be able to eat lunch so getting out has been close to impossible so this made up for it.  Do wonder where the female is though, but glad I saw him.  Also on the 23rd floor which made for better photos and a perfect break for my eye strain!

Take care all.


Christian said...

This is gorgeous!

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London Accountants Lady said...

What a noble looking bird, thanks for the close up pictures!


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