Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Peregrine Falcon Update (kind of) and Killdeer with their young

Decided to do a quick stop to check on the Peregrine Falcon's this morning and noticed both the adults have moved closer to the Front Street area of the People's United Building (in fact, the same ledge as last year when the female gave me a scare)-which I'm taking as a good sign of course as the juveniles must be walking around the platform area and becoming more active.

It wouldn't take long for the other falcon to fly near the platform to relieve the other which allowed me the chance to try and get a distant flight shot which is one of my favorite ways to photograph them.

By no means the best but will take what I can get.  Work's been insane lately with often no time to even eat lunch but would like to be checking on these birds at least twice a week now as fledging can't be too far off and would love to be able to document it like last year so stay tuned.

Birds and their young have been active on the home front too with some Killdeer living across the street with two of their young.

One of the adults who appeared to be looking for a spot to nest again.

As you can see in the photo above.  I'd also see another adult with two young but they'd never get close enough for photos and didn't want to chase them so went back Monday night hoping they'd be less camera shy.

And they would but still not the killer photos I wanted.  They'd be calling and squacking which allowed me to record them which I prefer to pictures anyhow so whipped out the good old Droid!  If you listen to it you'll hear faint Killdeer calls and those are from the young.  Toward the end you'll hear the adult's call becoming more rapid while the young came toward him and he fanned his tail in an effort to herd them it looked like (couldn't tell as I didn't have my bins-DOH!)  It was still interesting none the less and would be happy I could pick up the back ground calls of the Chimney Swifts too!

So with that said, it's nice to see two different sets of birds successful thus far with nesting this year.  All the rain we've had has made me very nervous for many birds as I have a feeling many will not be as successful as the falcon's and Killdeer.

Take care all.

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