Monday, March 11, 2013

Catching up and Common Redpolls at the Feeder

Figured I'd catch up since it's been over a month that I've done a blog post.  What can I say except life's been busy with everything happening at once including having to put my oldest cat to sleep, my car that broke down and was out of commission for over a week and big changes at work that has me working at full max so birding and blogging has taken a back seat as well as my canning as I'm too brain dead to do anything requiring much thought on my part.  The snow storm this past Friday helped to get me out of my funk some as I'd get my much loved Common Redpolls at my feeder including the gorgeous male above!

Swwon.  I just love these birds.

Hanging out with the American Goldfinches who were none to pleased with the Redpoll's bossy presence.  I'd have both thistle feeders filled with finches and there'd be plenty of fighting so I called my neighbor to tell her about my redpolls which prompted her to put out another tube feeder of thistle and wouldn't you know the redpolls would feeder hop and with them would be the goldfinches, Northern Cardinals and American Tree Sparrows.  Funny because while my feeders were quiet hers would be active and vice versa so between watching the birds and reporting results to one another it was a good way to weather the storm!

Northern Cardinal looking all regal as he watched the snow.  Has anyone noticed how much these birds have been singing lately!

Song Sparrow in my Blackberry brambles.

Who'd be hanging out with the Dark-eyed Juncos

Full feeders!!  Check out the goldfinch at the bottom.  Does he look ticked or what?  HA!  The arrival of the redpolls prompted me to spend more $ on one last bag of thistle for the season which I didn't think I'd have to do but how can I not now!  Hoping siskins make an appearance as well on their journey up North to head back home.

I'd wake up Saturday and be thrilled to see they were still there and the sun was perfect to allow me to drink them all in.  Just gorgeous!


Picture overload

But how could I not!

Even the goldfinches looked more colorful as the sun shone against their yellow plumage that is indeed getting brighter.

And my favorite feeder bird (besides the redpolls), my beloved American Tree Sparrow's who's giving me the "hairy eyeball".

Another feeder boss which makes them fun to watch.

And while I took a break from canning, I kept up with my bread baking including my son's favorite the rustic White Bread above which goes perfect with cheese and bread and butter pickles I canned last year.

And this baguette that came out incredible with the air pockets I've been yearning for (I found out by accident you get this by over hydrating the bread!).  I am now onto sour dough and have my starter ready to go for this evening which has been one of my major goals this year in my baking so cross your fingers for me as sour dough is tough and unforgiving!

And the only thing I've canned in over 6 weeks which was yesterday where I did a mango, lime and chili pepper chutney for chicken, fish and corn salsa.  Also notice my nifty boreal bird towel I got off of eBay.  Brand new for $9.50 for two of them!  You don't see it, but there's also a Fox Sparrow, Common Redpoll, Boreal Chickadee and Evening Grosbeak.  You so know I had to break my vow and buy that!!

Take care all

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