Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcome to December!

I'd do some birding for the 1st time this weekend this morning with Alan and be dismayed to have to take out my snow boots for the 1st time this season.  But alas, the reports of the Redheads and Pine Grosbeaks were enough to get me out of hibernation for fresh air and birds and the brisk air actually felt pretty nice once I got out there.

Our 1st stop would be the Mill Pond area of Sueasco where the fog would be so thick we couldn't see much of anything except Bart who was there for the ducks as well.  Despite the careful scan we never did see the Redheads but were able to get lousy looks at Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and the many Canada Geese.

We'd go to another area and do some walking where all the Mute Swans seemed to be (they'd be making this noise that has me perplexed so have to geek out on Xeno Canto when I get the chance), but the highlight would be three American Coot fairly close so we'd be happy to see birds considering how tough it was with the soupy conditions.   Frustrated with the fog Alan and I decided to hit the Worcester Airport for the Pine Grosbeaks and Lapland Longspur and then go back to Westborough once the fog had cleared some.  Bart was going to make one more stop and call us if he had the Redheads and of course we'd get that phone call just as we were getting to the airport area crab apples to scan for Pine Grosbeaks we'd never see!  Soon enough we'd run into Susan and Stevie and they'd strike out on the grosbeaks and longspur as well,  but we still held out hope!

And from what we could see, all would be quiet except for some Mourning Doves perched on the fence and taking in the morning.

As you can see, you can't see the runway what so ever.

Alan keeping the Fran tradition alive. :-)

Soon enough a small flock of Horned Larks would fly in and land fairly close to the car which was a treat but they'd have no Lapland with them of course!

So we'd head back to Westborough and be behind someone with antennas which I thought was pretty cool as I don't see them that often anymore.  Maybe storm chasers??

We'd go to the spot Bart had seen the Redheads and be dismayed to see the fog was even worse than before as it was supposed to burn off.  What you see above folks is the reservoir, I kid you not!!!

We'd make our way down the path and be very happy to see Donna and Dave nearby who'd be on the many Mute Swan's and Canada Geese but not much else.  Sigh....This would be week number two of not getting any new birds for the year, but my perspective has changed some and not letting it get me down.  I'm done chasing for the year (except for my winter finches).  It was nice just to get out in the fresh air and see people as we'd also see Bob and Dianne at Suasco which made for fun birding as we knew someone at every stop we went.  HA.

I'd go home and continue with my new obsession which is getting my house in tip top shape for my sister, her husband and my niece who are coming for Christmas!  This has given me a good excuse to do what I've put off all summer and fall which is get rid of a lot of junk and organize and with that I've found many of my treasures I haven't seen since I moved into this house including my antique cake safe which I thought would look perfect next to my favorite window for birding!

And my scale and antique coffee grinder and........Hey what can I say, I'm a sucker for anything vintage and antique and sometimes believe I was born in the wrong century and for those who have seen my house..most would agree!

My favorite ornaments get scattered around the house as well including my beloved Northern Cardinal.

And of course my vintage Mr and Mrs Claus salt and pepper shakers I haven't seen since before I moved here mixed it with my other trinkets.

I've also been doing my share of cooking but taken a break from the canning until I get my mustard seeds from Penzy's and then watch out as I'm doing mustard's for Christmas Even to go along with the ham of course.  Yes It's December all right and I always find myself becoming more of a home body which makes for a nice change some times.  And with December also comes the Christmas bird counts which I'm really looking forward to this year as I've re developed my fondness for the common winter birds via my kitchen window so can't wait to count them for science! ;-)

And with December also comes eating of course which is one of my favorite things to do with Fried Chicken and scalloped potatoes being a couple of the menu items today to last us the week.

Take care all.

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Dawn Puliafico said...

Oh, nice horned lark! All I saw for my troubles were the mourning doves on the fence! Hope some of your luck rubs off on me some day!


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