Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Downtown Worcester-Peregrine Falcon's getting famous! Farmer's Market

It seems as if one of the Peregrine Falcon's is making a name for himself in downtown Worcester as he's hard not to notice, or rather hear so lunch hour would be filled with people rubber necking up to the sky trying to figure out what the hell was causing the racket!

I'd head out there at lunch and would soon draw some attention with my camera as people would stop me and ask if I'm taking pictures of the hawk.  I'd let them know it's a Peregrine Falcon and they'd all want to know where the hell it was so I'd point them in the right direction and they'd have that "aha" moment because they finally got a look of who the squacker was.  Seriously, I've been in downtown Worcester long enough to get a feel for the general behavior of the juvenile Peregrine Falcon's but the juve male this year is the most entertaining of them all.

I'd get one woman who actually knew they were Peregrines so we'd get to talking and she told me she saw one last week grab a pigeon in flight and out of nowhere another Peregrine would grab it out of the others talon's so it appears as if there's some sibling squabbles going on amongst the falcon family unit. ;-).

The falcons as well as my blog have caught the attention of a Worcester News Blogger who is also helping to spread the word on these wonderful birds.  I've found that I really like it when people stop me and inquire about them as I love the look on their faces when they finally see one for the first time.  They always leave with a smile on their face which I totally get as they do the same thing for me.

There'd be no falcons on top of my building when the storm clouds set in this afternoon but I went up there anyways to see if I could find out where one of their roosting spots may be when the weather deteriorates.

No falcon's but some awesome cloud cover which made me very happy because with storm clouds come rain and the end of the 90 degree weather we've been having!

And speaking of downtown Worcester there's more than falcon's to keep one busy during lunch hour as there's also food- the Farmer's Market.

There are a couple vendors from last year including Breezy Gardens from Leicester who had delicious looking blueberries.

New vendors as well including one from western Massachusetts Sunrise Farms

They also sell pure maple syrup which I'll be picking up next time as it beats the stuff loaded with corn syrup.

And pies too which I was very tempted to buy but was good as my daily habit of ice cream is starting to catch up to me some.  I bet ice cream would have tasted fantastic on top of any of the beauties above though!

Another farm around the Quabbin area Solid Ground Farm.

Gorgeous summertime color and they have a CSA if you are in the Belchertown area.

I'd be very happy to see a new organic vendor Heavens Harvest Farm come in after Westminster's Brookside Family Farm decided to only to do the Fitchburg Famer's Market this year.  It's usually more difficult for the organic farmer's as they normally have higher prices and with today's economy many have no choice but to make their dollars stretch, so I go out of my way to purchase through them when I can.  So would buy some of Heavens Harvest organic free range eggs as well as some gorgeous looking swiss chard.

I'd finally have the time to use it Monday as well as zucchini from my garden that's growing out of control with the hot weather we've been having.

The eggs would be used for popovers which were out of this world straight out of the oven with butter and some of my blueberry jam from Sunday.

And the swiss chard was so good it needed nothing more than some butter, salt and pepper and was delicious.  My zucchini was grilled with fresh tomatoes and rosemary from the garden.  While summer is my second least favorite season, you can't beat the fresh fruits and vegetables it provides either from your own garden or one of your local farmers.

Take care all.

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