Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yes I still exist but neglect the blog-What else is new

 Yes it's me.  I'm fine as always but have once again neglected the blog but what else is new. Hey give me some credit as I only took a 5 month hiatus vs. the last one which lasted over a year.  I always start up again with the best of intentions only to get side tracked by life and my birding has been rather dull lately so figured I'd spare you all the pain of yet another Tufted Titmouse post.  With migration in full swing all has changed so I decided to get out with both the bins and camera to see what would be out there on this glorious spring day.

My first stop would be Central Cemetery in Millbury for the Spotted Sandpipers.  There would be no sandpipers much to my dismay but I did see these two baby ducklings by themselves with no parent in view much to my trauma.  I searched furiously for them as the two babies paddled against the river tide to no avail.  I started following them hoping I could witness a heart felt family reunion but I'd strike out on that too.  I don't know what was sadder, watching them drift down the river, or me talking baby talk telling them they'd be okay as I tried to keep up with them.
Next would be the local powerlines for what else but warblers of course!!!  I wouldn't be disappointed as there would be warblers everywhere including this very handsome Yellow Warbler as well as Black-throated Blue, Common Yellowthroat, Blue-winged and my favorite of all, the ever so handsome Prairie Warbler. 
 The Prairies would be in the same area as always which is to the back where the Eastern Towhees and Field Sparrows like to hang out.  Was hoping for an Indigo Bunting too, but it wasn't in the cards today.  Biggest surprise would be a lone Solitary Sandpiper at the edge of the pond and foraging on the mud flats with the Painted Turtles.  I don't believe I've ever had one there before so it was a treat.

My next stop would be Brierly for what else, but the Ovenbird and Veery of course which were two birds I didn't have last year so I was thrilled to hear the always vocal Ovenbird as soon as I got out of my car!  I'd make my way down the path and have to stop every few seconds to see what else had popped up.  The woods would be alive with song as Scarlet Tanagers, Northern Parulas, Black-throated Green, Black-throated Blue. Chestnut-sided, Yellow-rumped (who still continues to screw with my head with its song) and others busy singing claim to their spot of land.  I'd finally hear the Veer call of the Veery but the bird would never do me the honors of singing it's full song which I think is one of the most lovely sounds of the woods this time of the year, but there's always next time.  I did manage to get a really good at one though.  Highlight would be a Magnolia Warbler mixed in with the Yellow-rumped Warblers and a very vocal American Redstart.  What would be funny about this is I saw the bird and got an immediate and good look at it with my bins.  Hmmm....A very handsome Yellow-rumped I'd think...I would then go through my mental checklist and realize I was looking at a  Magnolia.  Out would come the camera for a record shot and of course I'd lose the bird in the process so have to go back to the bins to find it again.  It wouldn't take me long to spot the bird and who would be staring back at me but a true Yellow-rumped to mess with my head and think I did yet another mis ID.  The Magnolia decided to show me some mercy though and make another appearance close to the Yellow-rumped so I could distinguish between the two but wouldn't hang around long enough for a photo.  Such a gorgeous bird!

Next would be Butler Farm for the Bobolinks.  There would be lots of bird activity there too and could hear the Bobolinks as soon as I arrived in the spot they're usually at.  It would be here that I'd see some bird activity in a tree right above me so I'd get my bins on it and the first thing I notice is the lovely chestnut brown along its flanks.  My brain does the mental checklist and recites back to me with Holy sh*t, It's a Bay-breasted Warbler...........Nervousness now sets in as I fumble with my camera with shaky hands knowing I need a record shot for this.  Of course the bird would dissapear as I did this.  I'd be pishing like mad for about 5 minutes and ready to give up hope when suddenly I could see one bird chasing another and what would I see....    
 Why 2 Bay-breasted Warblers of course!!!!!!!  This handsome fella above would even stick around long enough for me to get a halfway decent record shot of it no less.
Side view.  Swoon, such a beauty and a Worcester County First for me!

Lousy shot but love it none the less as it shows the butt shot which is always welcome when your'e dealing with warblers!

Hoping to get out again tomorrow to see what else is out there as I'm on a lucky streak right now it appears.       Not sure If I'll blog or not as I'm only going to blog going forward if I get a super cool bird or photos too good not to share.

Take care all

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