Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Birding

I did some birding this morning with Alan and decided to hit a couple of places where we knew we would get some target birds vs. the just random birding that yields success in late April through May, but not so much anymore now that migration is just about done and the resident birds are busy nesting, including the Osprey above.
She is done with nesting but still has at least one chick in the nest that spent most of its time hiding much to our dismay.
We would suddenly see it appear for a few minutes which would allow a good look at the bird as well as some photos.
After that it would be St Philips in Grafton to check on the two Great-blue Herons nests that are both occupied. We would see both nests being attended, but the herons were so low in their nests that the photos wouldn't have been good as you wouldn't see much of them so we decided to see what else was around. I would hear a familiar sound from last year that would cause my ears to perk up and I thought it was a young Red-tailed Hawk and a few seconds later I would be able to confirm it when it flew past us and landed on the branch so we could ooohh and aaahhh over it. I love the blue eyes these young hawks still have and it was such a treat considering the local ones in town didn't nest in their usual spot this year so I wasn't even sure if I would see Red-tailed Hawk young this year so this was one of the highlights of the day.
Another highlight would be seeing not two, but FOUR Green Herons in the wetlands, including this one who was much absorbed in preening itself.
There would be another nearby who was skulking for prey.
Green Herons are captivating while hunting so we spent a good amount of time just watching them and getting some pictures.
With migration over with and bird activity slowing some, I have been spending a lot of time around at my house and am happy I have decided to do this this year because I now know who is nesting here including at least one set of Song Sparrows. The Song Sparrows were a constant in my yard this winter and I made sure they had their fill of Millet and Black Oil Sunflower seeds so it seems my hospitality has paid off as they decided to never leave! I am not actively feeding now, but there is still plenty of food for them in my yard so they are always here and greet me every morning with their song. Great way to wake up every morning.
My Evening Primrose, Bee Balm and English Lavender is in full bloom and has grown considerably in the two years I planted it so it looks as if I am going to have to thin it out and replant some this fall. I have honey bees and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in my yard at all times now with the bees preferring the primrose and the two hummingbirds preferring the Bee Balm. I somehow have Milk Weed growing in my yard too which I never planted so I am keeping my eyes out on that to see if I get any butterflies.
Bee Balm

Take care all.


MaineBirder said...

WOW, four Green Herons! Great post & photos Kim!

grammie g said...

I would some day like to see the Green Herons...they have such nice color...and you have nice photos of them!! Your plants are bright and happy looking...but those ones do like to multiple very well ; }...that I know for a fact!!!

Quack Birder said...

Great pictures! Love the herons.

Rich said...

Great Photos Kim.

Rich said...

Great Pictures Kime

Hilke Breder said...

Great post, Kim! I particularly like the second Green Heron pic - it looks like a painting - marvellous colors! You hit the jackpot there!


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